Ausu!Taiko Tournament 2021 [FINISHED]

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Welcome to the seventh official (and perhaps last ever) Southeast Asian Taiko Tournament!

It's over; thanks for playing!

First Place: Katdon_donKat
Second Place: jmeh07
Third Place: apaajaboleh10
Fourth Place: Volta

Results Link:
Stream Link:
Discord Link:


Please check for information on the tournament schedule regularly.
  1. 5th of April (6pm): Registrations Close
  2. 18th of April (6pm): Seedings and Groups Released
  3. 24th-25th of April: Group Stage
  4. 1st-2nd of May: Round of 16
  5. 8th-9th of May: Quarter Finals
  6. 15th-16th of May: Semi Finals
  7. 22nd-23rd of May: Finals
  8. 29th-30th of May: Grand Finals


1st Place: Winner Badge
2nd Place: Mild respect (and a Number 2 Victory Royale)
3rd Place: A bedtime story if the budget allows for it

Tournament Staff:

Event Organisation: Sparxe.
Map Selector: Sparxe, Maimaing.
Referees: Spartric, Xeltic Rival, cdh, Kasumi-sama, Fairy Bread, zachmanthethird.
Streamers: Spartric, Kasumi-sama.
Statistician: zachmanthethird.
Graphic Design: OsuMe65.
Drum Decimator: Jaye




General Rules
  1. Tournament is open to players living in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. Recommended rank: 7,500+ (if you are hardstuck at Muzukashii, I won't stop you from joining, but it's probably not a good idea)
  2. The tournament style is a double elimination bracket.
  3. Players will be seeded by global rank.
  4. The tournament will take the best of the first 32 entrants (given they fit the next rule)
  5. There exists an ambiguous rank limit (as always); because many countries have a large gap somewhere in their top 5 players, this leaves a large gap in competitive skill. As a result, some players may be denied entry to participate (as a guideline, around 8.5kpp is the desired cap).
  6. Poor attitude with other players/tournament staff will result in disqualification (same goes for staff members).
Match Rules
  1. 1 on 1 Taiko match; highest score wins.
  2. Scoring will be calculated via ScoreV2.
  3. The map pool will change in size depending on round, but at a very minimum will contain 3 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT, 2 FM, and 1 TB.
    >Free Mod consists of HD, HR, or HDHR. No other mods/combinations of mods may be used (that includes NM).
  4. You can request to use NC instead of DT, but your opponent must agree.
  5. You are allowed 1 ban per match (which must be used).
  6. You can pick 1 warm-up (sensible length please).
  7. !roll will determine who will pick the first beatmap.
  8. The player with the lowest roll will ban first, followed by their opponent.
  9. You have 10 minutes (Group Stage) / 15 minutes (Every other stage) to attend your match before a win by default is given to the other player.
  10. If both players fail, the player with the highest failed score wins the point.
  11. If the scores are tied, then the beatmap will be played again and no point(s) will be awarded.
    >If there exists two ties in a row on the same beatmap, the map may be nullified and not reused. The user who selected the tied map may pick again.
Tournament Structure
  1. Seeding is based off of the player's rankings; there will be four seed categories and every player will fit into one of these depending on their total Taiko pp compared to the rest of the players. Groups for the Group Stage will be groups of four, where each player is from a different seed category. Please note: this may change depending on the number of participants.
  2. 4 points to win the match in the group stages.
  3. 5 points to win the match in the round of 16 matches.
  4. 6 points to win the match in the quarter finals and semi finals matches.
  5. 7 points to win the match in the finals and grand finals.
If the times presented are not optimal, please PM a staff member at least 2 days before the match date. Your opponent must agree to change the date, else you will LBD.

REMINDER: All times shown are in UTC+10; please adjust accordingly.
I sign...?

let me in
New host new game, let's rumble!
low acc low combo inbound
Yes please
Wishing good luck to all of the participant.
sparxe hosting gg wp
Looks interesting, I think I might have time for this. Putting interest now, but will update if anything weird happens if I can.

count me in, pls
Lemme in, i wanna join >.>
France can't participate?
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Geshii wrote:

France can't participate?
unless you live on a French island in Southeast Asia I'm afraid no

Sparxe wrote:

Geshii wrote:

France can't participate?
unless you live on a French island in Southeast Asia I'm afraid no
the world is an island :thonk:
Let me in pls :3
lets go
SIGN ME UP PLZ !!11!!1
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