[HD/SD] [16:9] [STD ONLY] Untitled Red [Skinning Competition 2021 Entry]

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oh hi, it's been a while... again
this contest thing is both a curse and a blessing at the same time for me xd
haha retired skinner made a skin after a year or sth idk
at this point i'd rather map taiko or pick up playing mania instead
or to move on to a way different game
...i need to suffer for society first

applause is VINXIS - Applause, part of the featured artists program
VINXIS on featured artist listing

arrow icon originates from Twitter Emoji, shapes are licensed under CC-BY 4.0, i may have modified it as i seemed fit

fonts i used are all available on
Comfortaa, lincensed under Open Font License (used on defaults)
Ubuntu, licensed under Ubuntu Font License (used on cookie cover)
Roboto, licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0 (used anywhere else)

sounds are from Aesthetic by Redon, used with permission asked all the way back in 2017, i included a screenshot of it in a separate skin folder
i may have removed some from there and added some blank sounds as well
Video preview
vote for me and something might happen... maybe... hopefully
wish you good luck
clean red skin. like it. But rankingpanel isn't my taste. I like it more modern, it's very old style ^-^
omg, such a nice skin, i love the follow points
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