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That's strange! I just did a full re-upload, so hopefully that will fix it! Thanks for taking the time to let me know! :D
I'm still not getting any audio files... :o
Try to get someone else to download the beatmap and see if it works for them.
I think I know what happened though. What type of submission did you use? I'm guessing you used a full submission. Try using standard submission. Anyway just use the opposite submission type that you used before.
Weird... Well I just tried it again with a standard submission. O.o; I'll have one of my friends download it and see, too.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
That file size is a little creepy, might want to recompress your mp3 video and then full resubmit.
Either way, you need to full resubmit
Sheared down the video and did another full reupload... Hopefully it'll work THIS TIME? XD

Thanks for the help, too, everyone.
It IS working but... You must put much work in this map to make it better (more "playable").

Distance snapping? Why difficulieties are similar to themselves like this? Why for these HUGE jumps? :<
There are more things like this.

Go do something with this~ :P
Hm... I guess my mapping style needs a lot of work!

- I'm not sure what "distance snapping" means. D:
- I'm not terribly familiar with Ouendan or Elite Beat Agents, but... Aren't the difficulties supposed to be somewhat similar, just with more difficult patterns? I supposed I can mix things up a bit more, but I was going for having the difficulties "build on" the previous one. As in, it's similar, just harder. Guess they're TOO similar, then..?
- Are jumps considered a bad thing? I put them in for difficulty on the higher difficulties, but for the most part I was trying to emulate a feel of "dancing", since the song is very much made for that. I guess that didn't communicate very well... I'll see what I can do instead, then.

Thank you for the input!
Distance Snappping - Look at the tools on the right side of the editor. DSnap will space notes out for you properly. To change how far the notes go, use Alt+Mousewheel

If the difficulties are very similar, try using flips or rotates (Ctrl-A, Rotate / Flip / etc)

Jumps are ok as long as they fit with the music

Yeah I can't really do much beyond this atm (not using Windows)

mattyu007 wrote:

Jumps are ok as long as they fit with the music
Im not so sure about that...
Yeah, they are quite doable but hard as hell with these little hit circles.

mattyu007 wrote:

Distance Snappping - Look at the tools on the right side of the editor. DSnap will space notes out for you properly. To change how far the notes go, use Alt+Mousewheel
It makes mapping easier for you. When you use it notes distance "cooperates" with distance you set notes on timeline (Im not sure if what i wrote is understandable :< Im quite tired). Its just makes your map more predictable and understandable for other players (but this doesnt mean it will be easier).
Ahhh, yeah, I get it now! Okay, I'll look into it... And the jumps follow a pattern, though. I thought they became pretty predictable, but I'll do something about those, then!

Thanks again for the input! :D
  1. BPM seems to be a little slow.
  2. Jumps on a lower difficulty are usually not recommended. Keep them for higher difficulties.
  3. Give your notes a pattern. You seemed to jumble them around all over the grid :/
  4. Try to keep breaks around 5-10 seconds and evenly spaced throughout your map. You had 15 and 25 second breaks in here :o
  5. Most of your notes aren't snapped to the timeline. Some seem to be in 1/8 timing, which should be highly avoided unless you have a lot of beatmapping experience.
  6. Placing notes right after a spinner can be difficult to hit, so try to avoid that.
  7. At 37.392, you've got the second slider 1/6 of a note after the first one. This is too hard to see and hit.
  8. Distance snap is your friend. :)
  9. Even though the notes seem to go along with the music the way they currently are placed, that doesn't mean that others will be able to follow them.
  10. Sliders. Please use them. :)
  11. Try to adjust difficulty levels accordingly. (Easier songs usually have bigger circles, lower drain rate, lower overall difficulty.)

  1. Same comments as Easy.
  2. Each difficulty should have it's own originalty.
  3. Jumps do not make a beatmap. They should only be added in moderation and as I said before, for higher difficulties.
  4. These seem to be almost the same as Easy, but with some extra notes added in.
  5. Look at lots of other maps and see what they're doing. :)

It was a nice song and you tried, but this will need a lot of improvement before it will be ready. Don't hesitate to ask anyone for help. :D

Check the beatmapping FAQ and Ranking Criteria topics for more help.
This modding thread has been migrated to the new "modding discussions" system. Please make sure to re-post any existing (and unresolved) efforts to the new system as required.
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