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You can say anything about the above poster's profile, whether it be their plays etc.

RULE: Once you have done a review, don't post until at least 5 other people have reviewed each other's profiles. This is so that the same people don't review over and over.

thread idea taken from minatoec
push acc bro lol
You're doing pretty good for the amount of time played, though that may be because of offline playing. You could probably try out longer maps.
pretty solid 300k. surprisingly low amount of farm maps on top plays. acc and max combo is pretty nuts for a guy your rank. i must say, you're doing pretty good for yourself

jagermeister1 wrote:

RULE: Once you have done a review, don't post until at least 10 other people have reviewed each other's profiles. This is so that the same people don't review over and over.
this is way too long of a wait imo. should've just do like 3-5 people
Those SS's are pretty impressive. Also I like that you have that Russian song in your most played. :P
You are a really new player but the growth is definitely there so keep it going. i also like that you don't only play popular farm maps but even have a bit older maps in your top plays :)
Forum lurker (respect)
Looks like you've not played as much recently, I guess that's fine.
You could fix your top plays and overall accuracy if you care about that. I bet you could improve that a lot if you spent more time playing consistently.
Really nice me! section, organised, interesting (you also included download for your skin, nice)
Tons of submitted plays (cool)
Medal hunter? :O
wow nice acc dude, also i don't have the mental strength to play with PF lmao
Too many farm maps, try get some more variety in your diet
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Skilled old (mostly) dt player, and probably has very good reading skills, judging from that ar 0 thing

Also probably is way better than his rank suggests, cause of lack of farm maps
Fairly new player that joined in 2020

very good accuracy, seems to be good with nomod and (HD)DT, very high playcount for just joining in 2020. Fairly balanced mix of short and long maps maybe slightly push longer maps, and finally most played beatmaps are just short farm maps (I get playing long maps a lot if boring).

All in all a fairly good 2020 player that will reach 5 digit in probably less than a year if he keeps pushing like he is currently (just maybe cut down on the farming a little).
Try some more HR or DT, you have good enough acc, just spice it up with some mod variety.
Just very clean looking profile overall.

You have a lot of 99% plays (mostly nomod though). If you could turn all the nomod into HR you'd really pop off

Also you could probably start farming deathstream maps with HR for even more pp
A very good player that mainly plays DT or HR or both

Probably has better reaction time than everybody else i think
Some pretty respectable favorite maps. But also some very questioning ones haha.
(Same with your top played maps)
Accuracy is amazing! Much respect there. And the S to A ratio is also very impressive.
Very solid player :)
A farmer from the looks of their top plays, but plays other longer maps for his enjoyment

good acc for a 6 digit and I think this is the perfect time to start learning a mod. Very steady pp growth, but improvement isn't always linear. Lots of random plays that you could probably fix in your bottom half top 100 pp scores. Playcount indicates he doesn't retry spam and try out a mod please
Thats lot of pps, trying some high density tech map or low AR reading would be nice
@ChocLitCake (Person below me ignore this post and rate the person above me)
I just wanted to say my top plays are basically accidents that happened during online play or testing my skins because they're short maps. I'm not a huge fan of farmy maps and much prefer long techy ones (like bassdrop freaks)

As far as modding goes, I'm not really a fan of it because I kind of play more for the music and enjoyment rather than gaining pp. I would rather enjoy the songs/maps for how they're supposed to be.

And my plays probably seem pretty random because I mostly play online to discover new songs.

Thanks for the rate. :)
@brush profile looks really nice. Maybe try to learn some nm or hr. Also try and work maybe on some consistency stuff (3-5 min long)
pk kkr toho 999
Damn you’re improving at a very fast rate
Keep it all up and good luck for your future
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