Wei Wuxian's Modding Queue (NM/M4M/GD) Open

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Wei Wuxian

Read this post and last post before requesting!

Modding Rules:
- STD only (for now)
- I only mod songs I like, try anime songs, male vocals, songs under 6 minutes long or anything in the spoiler box:
Utaites: Mafumafu, Amatsuki, Soraru, Rib, Eve, some Nanahira songs, etc (is Will Stetson an utaite since he does Japanese songs sometimes??? *thinking*)

Genres I like: Some English rock and metal, J-pop, J-rock, meme songs sometimes, anime songs from sports anime and "fujoshi/fudanshi" oriented shows.

Map types I enjoy playing/modding: Jumps/1-2s (I like their structure), some tech map concepts, circular flow oriented maps, maps between 160 and 220 bpm
- I mostly mod overlaps, aesthetic/visuals (I won't mod hitsounds when unless they're are serious issues that are noticeable when testplaying) I use "Mapset Verifier" for checking stuff automatically
- For M4M, I will DM you if I accept your request and mod first. If you don't mod my map within 2 weeks, you'll be blacklisted for a month.
- For NM, I only mod songs I like/will put the effort into modding. It's gambling if you post in my queue.
- Completed maps only (hitsounded, rankable/full spread for the drain time) and must not be graveyard when I get to it.
- Up to 3 maps per post, per week. Anymore than that will be considered spamming and I will blacklist/ignore.
- Leave kudosu/upvote my suggestions that were helpful. I wanna know what mods were helpful so I can get better at modding STD.
- On languages, I mod in English but will use Google Translate if I need to.

GD Rules:
- If I don't like the song, I won't accept.
- Prefer songs 2 minutes or less in drain time. I need to really like the song if longer.
- Collabs acceptable, give me time stamps you want me to map
- I won't hitsound what I map, that's up to you.
- If I complete a GD and you graveyard the set, don't request me again unless we're mutuals.

[Rules Subject to Change if Things Come Up!]

M4M Maps I Have:
beatmapsets/1046848#osu/2188383 (4:11 Drain, Hard and Insane, 2 Diffs)
beatmapsets/1046860#osu/2188400 (1:51 Drain, Easy through Extra/Expert, 5 Diffs Adding another diff)
beatmapsets/1172085#osu/2444679 (3:18 Drain, Easy though Hard, 3 Diffs)

Status: Open for NM, M4M, and GD

NM thx I try to rank it :3
NM pls c:


yesterday wo utatte intro. male vocal, 5min, 1 diff
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Wei Wuxian
Oooo, good songs so far

Still Open
(Currently have 6 maps to mod, counting outside of queue NMs but I'll take on 8-10 before I close queue)
Zelzatter Zero
idk if you like this but try to take risk this time




NM request


thank you!
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Wei Wuxian

Still Open
(I now have 3 maps on my list to mod, need more)
Hello o/ NM req:


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Wei Wuxian
Okay, I have 6 maps to mod and I'm too tired to narrow that down so...

NM/M4M: Closed until queue is cleared up

GD: Open

Too bad female vocals :3 (Still japanese tho)
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Wei Wuxian
Now Open for M4M and GDs

I prefer that this set be modded since I'm pushing it for rank: beatmapsets/1046848#osu/2188383
Nm please >//<
But i could also do m4m if u want
Just pm

NM plz
a bit over 6 minutes but its a nice song
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Wei Wuxian
Open for NM/M4M/GDs

Please, give me maps to mod!!!
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