Gitaroo Man - 12 - The Legendary Theme (Album Version)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 7:54:43 PM

Artist: Gitaroo Man
Title: 12 - The Legendary Theme (Album Version)
BPM: 81.03
Filesize: 4634kb
Play Time: 02:43
Difficulties Available:
  1. Normal (1.87 stars, 182 notes)
Download: Gitaroo Man - 12 - The Legendary Theme (Album Version)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
I might work on a insane mode

This is meant to be a slow or dramatic kind of song.
[deleted user]
Holy! I wass wondering when someone was gonna do a Gitaroo-Man song! I was just listening to this too. >_> You think you can make a "Flyin' to Your Heart" one or something? =D
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yeah maybe.

sorry about 2 topics, the in-game uploader got an error(omg!) and made a new topic
Died on the spinner for some reason.
Nice map.
Awesome. This just makes me want more Gitaroo Man music.

Couple of suggestions, though... For starters, it's far from Hard. I almost got a Perfect combo my first try, and I'm not very good... You should probably just make it Normal, and reduce both the HP drain rate and overall difficulty. The former because the constant breaks kind of look bad (especially without a background), so you could get rid of them and lower the HP drain to compensate. The latter because the spinners are pretty damn annoying; that was what stopped me from getting the perfect combo in the first place. They're disproportionately hard to the rest of the song - because regardless of your settings, the beatmap itself is simple (although that's not a bad thing). The last spinner in particular is way too long.
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When I do beatmaps, I like to think of how good they would look in an actual Ouendan game. If you've ever played Ouendan 1, 2, or EBA, you'd know that there is 1 "slow" song in the game. Personally, after i beat those songs on Hard mode, they arent so hard and I think they should belong in Normal as well. That's why I labeled this hard.

Maybe if it was faster, it'd be harder

Also, if you're like me and go all out on spinners and have no time to recover and hit that note right after, just make sure you are definetely in the range of getting at least a 300 on that spinner and stop spinning. Position your cursor to the next beat.
The sad songs in the games are slower, but they're not so simple that the Hard one belongs in Easy. This isn't "hard" at all, but the spinners are. It doesn't really fit, they should definitely be easier. That kind of inconsistency doesn't happen those songs in the games. And regardless of where this song would go in the game, Hard should be hard, or it's not a very appropriate descriptor.
I agree with Impossible on most things:
1. Get rid of the breaks, they really don't fit. Preferably fill them in with beats.
2. Lower the overall difficulty by a notch or two and change the difficulty to "Normal".

Other than that, I really enjoyed playing the map. Soothing... ;P
Very nice relaxing guitar music :D Nice beatmap - I'm ranking it now!
I didn't even know that you'd changed anything because you didn't post anything about it, but I can see that my problems are all gone now. Really nice work.
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