Sasaki Sayaka - Atlantico Blue [CatchTheBeat]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, February 08, 2020 at 1:35:03 PM

Artist: Sasaki Sayaka
Title: Atlantico Blue
Tags: japanese dapuluous dapu shota horie Lantis J-Pop 堀江晶太 pop
BPM: 177
Filesize: 26500kb
Play Time: 03:56
Difficulties Available:
  1. Dapu's Rain (4.54 stars, 767 notes)
  2. Overdose (6 stars, 970 notes)
  3. Platter (3.27 stars, 754 notes)

Download: Sasaki Sayaka - Atlantico Blue
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Rain by Dapuluous

Ranked #9
Nominators : wonjae and JBHyperion

please turn on beatmap hitsounding!

:3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c
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