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This is a big release not only because it has a new game mode, but because it brings in a lot of changes which may have been lost over the last two years, and makes further changes a breeze to make in comparison (if you want to know more about this, I explain it briefly here). But who am I kidding, you all want to try osu!mania, and now you can! A huge shout-out to woc2006 for implementing this game mode so well.

Keep in mind osu!mania is not yet finalised, and may still have bugs an.d issues which need to be resolved. You can post any issues you have to Technical Support (please start the thread subject with [osu!mania]).

Apart from osu!mania, there are a lot of other changes, all of which I cannot list in this one place. But here are some that are important to note:
  1. Beatmap processing is now many times more efficient.
  2. BSSv2 is now live. The first time you update existing maps will do a full submit, but it will be super fast (and simple!) after that.
  3. Per-object hitsounds are in the editor (kudosu! to mm201 for this one). No more 10000+ timing sections to get your map sounding right. (we've been using this on osu!stream for a while now and you can't go back.) You can quickly set these using Shift+QWER and Ctrl+QWER.
  4. Allow recovery from failing in multiplayer by reaching full HP.
  5. Scrolling support to in-game online ranking list.
  6. Fixes to skin select to make it play more realistically.
If you have issues, post them here, and note:
  1. If your beatmap database corrupt or got processed wrong, include osu!.db.xxxxxx.bak in your post (attach using puush or mediafire).
  2. If your scores database corrupt or got processed wrong, include osu!scores.db.xxxxxx.bak in your post (attach using puush or mediafire).
  3. If you are seeing a graphical issue, please include a screenshot or video.

osu!mania notes:
  1. Please discuss this mode using the #osumania chat channel.
  2. Online ranking is disabled until feedback has been received and scoring and conversion is finalised.
  3. Please don't submit osu!mania maps yet.
  4. osu!mania editor is still very much a WIP.
  5. A lot of +difficulty mods are not yet finished/finalised.
  6. An updated template skin will be released soon. You can find more details on skinning at the wiki page.
  7. Adjust speed of notes with Ctrl +/-
Note that as this is a pretty big release from a technical perspective, a lot has changed internally (most of which you will not see). A lot could go wrong, even though it has been thoroughly tested. If anything goes wrong, I have saved up sleep and will work my hardest to fix it in the shortest time possible. Please be patient.

On a personal note, this is the largest single-chunk feature another dev has contributed to osu!. I hope going forward we will see more of this, as it really helps keep the ball rolling while I am busy fixing bugs and keeping things running smoothly. I can't promise anything, but there may be another game mode in development in the not-so-distant future, so stay tuned :D.

osu! on.
Yeah, nice update.
Finally Its Here :)
Wait. You're saying I'm actually getting the first post? Just watch, I'm either gonna get ninja'd or the topic is actually locked.

HOLY CRAP, osu!Mania!!! I've been waiting the try that! I LOVE the idea for multiplayer recovery! It didn't say anything specifically, but does this maybe mean .osz2 is implemented? Anyway, great job!!! I can't wait to try it, and that's saying something since I just got Pokémon White Version 2! x3

EDIT: See? Ninja'd. At least I had the first post that was semi-thought-out. :<
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I have made an in-game chat channel #osumania for discussing that mode for now. Please use it instead of #osu.
Miracle Lotus
Great update.
Yay! :3
GJ :)
Wanna try it immediately "~
C h i a_old
Yeah! Nice update!:3
Yay! ^__^
Awesomified. :roll:
Kinda like beat mania/ o2jam!!! Like it!
Online leaderboard? I wanna get a bunch of first places before someone beats me. :D
Cool! thanks peppy :D
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