Aspire 2017 Stage One: osu!

Aspire 2017 Stage One voting is over!

The first stage of the contest, a no-holds barred battle for the most creative in a pretty-much-everything-goes format, saw thirty cut down to twelve, and twelve down to three.

Check out videos of the maps being played at the Aspire 2017 Stage One Contest Playlist, or catch a VoD of the Stage One Contest Presentation.

You can also download the Judging Pack for yourself and dissect the maps as you wish.

Warning: Versatile Mallard REQUIRES hitlighting to be disabled in options or it will crash your game mid-way through.

You voted, you decided, and you chose the three best maps from the lot.

Read the news article for more information, including the final winners of the contest.

You can also discuss your thoughts on the entries and the competition in general on the forums.

Voting for this contest has ended