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Nakura is a rave music producer and DJ from California who erupts with euphoric, high-energy sounds. As a specialist in happy hardcore, drum & bass, gabber, and even some hardcore fusion genres, Nakura's tunes have already been picked up by rhythm games like SEVEN's CODE and TECHMANIA, along with osu! as of today!

With inspirations like our very own S3RL, Kobaryo, and Halley Labs (the creator behind Renard tracks and The Big Black), it's easy to tell that Nakura will fit right in with osu!. Debuting to circle clickers and drum bashers with Takin' U There and 7th Sphere, Nakura has already taken their first steps into the depths of the osu! community!

Takin' U There NEW
Real Danger NEW
Lullaby NEW
7th Sphere NEW