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Renowned in the speedcore scene, Kobaryo is a Japanese music producer active since 2010, and the head of the HiTNEX TRAX music label. He is also an active member of the highly esteemed HARDCORE TANO*C circle and a regular participant in Psycho Filth Records. Famed for his wide range of musical styles and distinctive experimentation with speed and tempo changes, Kobaryo's work has quickly reached a wide audience among rhythm gaming in general thanks to his flexibility and unique meshing of multiple electronic sub-genres together.

Within osu!, Kobaryo first started to gain traction in the osu!taiko scene during late 2015, making an appearance in the osu!taiko World Cup 2016, then enjoying explosive popularity throughout the community with creations like Charlotte's hybrid set for Cartoon Candy, and again in early 2018 with Sandalphon's osu!mania set for Dotabata Animation.

Fans of toying with timing and tempo changes should find themselves naturally at home in much of Kobaryo's work, as well as those who enjoy a certain amount of controlled chaos in their music unbound by more rigid rhythmic expectations.