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Ross, Dan, and Rob are the talented Bristol-based trio behind Mediks, a drum & bass act that merges the best attributes of all three producers. Drawing inspiration from contemporary acts like Knife Party and KOAN Sound, as well as veterans like Pendulum and Noisia, Mediks designs tunes with unparalleled energy in the EDM space. With their debut EP Outbreak released on Audioporn Records, Mediks immediately established their name in the scene.

The same could be said about Mediks in osu!. Thanks to three beatmaps by drum & bass mastermind Strategas (covering most songs from Outbreak), the osu! community grew more-than-familiar with Mediks's sound. The EP's title track Outbreak stands above the rest here on osu!, amassing over a million plays with a jumpy style on an unconventionally 1/3-based track. Mediks appeals to anyone who enjoys drum & bass vibes, but without conventional drum & bass composition styles.