osu!supporter tagosu!supporter tag

osu!supporter link on main page osu!supporter link on main page.

Refer to link: https://osu.ppy.sh/p/support

Laconic: Donation is used to sustain osu! overall

Advantages of osu!supporter

  • osu!direct (Direct download in-game)
  • Access to multiplayer when using osu!cuttingedge.
  • Chat Console: Bright yellow name others can see. However, you still see your username as white.
  • Beatmap listing: Filter beatmap searches by played and unplayed maps.
  • Skinning: Some additional skin elements can be used, such as the main menu's background.
    • Specifically, menu-background.jpg (Main Menu); triangle.jpg (Triangles); welcome.wav (Welcome Sound); seeya.wav (Exiting Sound)
  • Feature Requests: Extra votes for feature requests (2 per month over usual 1 per month).
  • Song Selection: The ability to view beatmap's in your country / friends / mod-specific rankings in-game.
  • Your Profile: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/
    • You can add a user page to your profile.
      • Your user page will not be deleted when your osu!supporter expires.
    • The ability to change your username.
      • You can still change your username when your osu!supporter expires.
    • Increased beatmap submission limits (up to 10 pending beatmaps total).
  • Performance Ranking: Allow "filter to friends" command.
  • More to come!

Business part


Use this currency convertor or ask Google to check the price on your country rate. The costs are in "USD ($, United States Dollars)" currency.

Months Cost {USD$} (against actual overall)
1 4
2 8
4 12 (-25%)
6 16 (-33%)
8 20 (-38%)
9 22 (-39%)
10 24 (-40%)
12 26 (-46% max)
24 52 (-46% max)
  • Costs are by individual account. There are no promotions for group gifting.


By default, your account will be shown. If you do not want osu!supporter, click on "Gift another player" and write the name of the account. If you want to gift to more than one account, click "Add another tag" button beside the "Checkout" button. After confirming the account(s), drag the white button below an account to determine how long for the account and how much you will have to pay in total. You can set different durations for different accounts along with different cost. After confirming the duration and the accounts, click "Checkout".

An example of buying supporterAn example of buying supporter


After confirming the duration and the accounts, click "Checkout". Here, you will be given various options. It is recommended to use PayPal or Credit Card services. There are other ways to pay (such as SMS or local service providers such as Cherry Credits), but additional fees will be charged for their effort. If you pay less than your "Total Cost" in "dorrah" (including additional cost if using non-Paypal), you will not receive your tag(s).


Comparison between active and inactive osu!supporter. After your transaction is completed, your profile's Recent Activity will say "{account username} has become an osu! supporter - thanks for your generosity!" if it is the first time that account gets osu!supporter or "{account username} has once again chosen to donate to the osu! cause - thanks for your generosity!" if the account has been an osu!supporter before. If you bought one for yourself, you can see the osu!supporter badge below your profile image. To check for when the osu!supporter will expire, return to the same place you bought it. osu!supporter page.

A letter one receives when acquiring osu!supporter Oh, and you will receive a "Thank You" letter from osu!, too! See the example above.