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DEV PARADE - Bacchikoi!!!(TV Size)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 7:56:48 PM

Title: Bacchikoi!!!(TV Size)
Source: Naruto Shippuden
Tags: ED 08 Mik-ey Uzumaki Naruto Hinata Hyuuga Sakura Haruno Ino Yamanaka
BPM: 142
Filesize: 21750kb
Play Time: 01:27
Difficulties Available:
  1. theowest's Easy (2.37 stars, 96 notes)
  2. Tryout (4.71 stars, 101 notes)

Download: DEV PARADE - Bacchikoi!!!(TV Size)
Download: DEV PARADE - Bacchikoi!!!(TV Size) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Naruto Shippuden Ending 8
A Thank You to Davidz123 For the Awesomeness skin

Chidori = Hard
Insane= Rasengan

Mods Done

Renamed Tryout To Rasengan!!
Zelos's mod
Hika's Mod
Backfire's Mod
Replacement of tryout to Rasengan
Added New Combos in tryout
Tryout updated
new diff!
Ouranhshc's mod
Easy Normal Hard Updated
Pereira006's mod
Rasengan!!! UPDATE
Tags Added And NEW DIFF
theowest's Guest Diff and mod :D
Adjusted the Preview point
Love's mod
changed the preview point
Mikarunoel131's mod
Thank You Starrodkirby86
For Helping me with this Map
senaya's Mod
Did some more editing
Made Rasengan! and renamed hard chidori Took out normal
Aleks719's Mod
made some stacks into compressed streams
eldnl's mod
Mikey's Taiko updated :D
OzzyOzrock mod
fixed hard and normal?
waiting for taiko to get modded

fixed all spacing and snapping problems in Ai mod
Taiko! Updated
Aleks719's mod
and The MikeAG's offset put in
TheMikeAG's mod
increased circle size to large
6 / 11
Aleks719's mod finshed
at 12 am WOO i removed the count down from all of them
Kai Time Fixed for all maps
Fixed all of the spacing on Ai
On normal and hard
256 to 192 kbps
Changed Background to 800x 600
Yunacat's mod
taiko updated by Mik-ey
wmfchris's mod
mikeys taiko moded
sirjuyt's mod done
vivicat's mod
Mik-ey's taiko added to beat map :D
Yunacat asweom mods
Loliren's mod
pending starts
removed b
full uploading
arien666's mod
changed video and audio to better quality
aprooved skin
better normal
changed Tempo to 142 and offset to 10
normal is a little faster
slider is 1.60
normal better
hard better
12/9 added background
added new hitsound
ZLOdeuka's mod
Zelos's mod
Im wondering when Agnes is gonna get to this.

Anyways. BPM and offset are way off. I unfortunately cant find it. It seems to change around a lot at the beginning.

I will try my best at modding this since it is off.


00:06:742 (2,3) - this is not allowed. a slider ending cannot end at the exact time a slider starts.

00:13:014 (4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,1,2,3) - this random not placement. no.

00:13:014 (4) - new combo here.

00:22:422 (4) - make a better slider.

00:30:993 (5,6,7,8,9,10) - bad note placement.

00:34:338 (1,2,3,4) - bad note placement.

00:34:338 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16) - i guess this entire sequence is bad note placement in general.

00:45:627 (6) - ugly slider.

00:51:063 (1) - unrankable slider(not that this is gonna be ranked any time soon)

00:54:617 (1,2,3,4,5) - bad note placement.

01:00:470 (7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) - bad note placement.

im gonna stop here. this map has to many problems.

kudosu if was helpful.

this map is gonna need all the help it can get.

A BIG suggestion of mine is you remap these diffs with DISTANCE SNAP ON.

BPM 141.70


Timing ~ Resnap All Notes

align all Circle, sliders, on the scale at the top (red, white)

[ Normal ]

Do not leave such gaps

00:09:099 ~ 00:12:487

focuses on the scale at the top

the WHITE and RED bars
oh... you need BG
Okay here is a really short section I mapped. I am sad that this is not a great work, but it will do for your purposes.

Download: Devparade - Bacchikoi!!! (mebins) [Test].osu

Download: Devparade - Bacchikoi!!! (mebins) [Normal].osu
You said you were using my skin in a map, and I suppose it was this. (Naruto Skin v2)

Permission Granted! :)

Hope I helped!
The artist is 'DEV PARADE' not 'Devparade'
Add source 'Naruto Shippuuden'
[Suggestion] How about add some tags that can notice about this song? [ex. ED8]

Using 'distance snap' would help you mapping :3
Add New Combo per 4/1 note timing when you're mapping :3 [You can choose your favorite things but ;_;]
00:05:268 (1,2) - DO NOT make some un-sense things ;_;

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arien666 wrote:


00:05:268 (1,2) - DO NOT make some un-sense things ;_;.
its suppose to be a B in Bacchikoi
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i need mods o.o
What you got in the tags already is in the source, title etc.
Tags: ED 08 Uzumaki Naruto Hinata Hyuuga Sakura Haruno Ino Yamanaka

Put Naruto cuz he's the main char, lol. the girls are who most appear in the vid, so add them too. that's it basically.
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Teta wrote:

What you got in the tags already is in the source, title etc.
Tags: ED 08 Uzumaki Naruto Hinata Hyuuga Sakura Haruno Ino Yamanaka

Put Naruto cuz he's the main char, lol. the girls are who most appear in the vid, so add them too. that's it basically.

I'm not entirely sure, but the offset felt strange to me, so I played around with it and 2,275 feels a lot better.
Between both difficulties I've seen a lot of spacing issues. I know you said you used distance snap, but even then its not always perfect. Look carefully at what you set and make sure you think it makes sense.
Note: Things that are really important are in bold. :3

(Note that my times are after changing the offset to 2,275)
-- Increase the hit volume to match Hard!
00:08:612 (1,2,3,4) The spacing here is weird. They're all the same spacing in terms of time, but on the map the first is short, the second is much farther, and then the third gap is really small. Try to keep it consistent. This is what I was talking about when I said the spacing felt weird when I was trying to play it earlier.
00:11:148~00:12:415 This break isn't necessary (the others further down are just as important to fix). It's too short.
00:16:640 (11, 1) The spacing for the notes before this part is fine, and then you get to these two notes, and there's a gap. Again, try to keep it relative...
00:17:908~00:19:387 Another unnecessary break
00:20:232~00:22:235 Unnecessary break
00:22:235 (1,2,3,4) I'd move them back to the white ticks right before it. It sounds better/more accurate and it matches the theme those notes play out by following the vocals more.
00:27:204 (3,4,1) The spacing here is inconsistent again. The end of the slider to 4 is ok, but then 1 is the same speed but further away.
00:28:683 (3) This note feels weird to me. I placed it on the white tick before it and it sounds better. Also, (4) the slider in front of it, I'd move that back one too, and extend it one more tick. Makes a world of difference. (Don't forget to correct the distancing when you change it)
00:32:908~00:34:175 Unnecessary break
00:34:175 (1,2,3) Close but odd spacing. One is a bit off making it a little confusing. Also, move them forward one white tick along with (4) at 00:35:020. It makes it flow better and sound better.
00:40:091 (6) Move to the following white tick in front of it. It will take care of the next unnecessary break too.
00:41:358 Move the wheel to the white tick behind it.
00:45:161 (5) Move to the white tick in front of it.
00:45:795 (6) It might just be me but this slider's shape seems weird... Also I would have ended it on the white tick not the red. The break following it works, but it feels strange to have a break near the beginning of a kiai.
01:00:372 (1,2) Move these two up to the following white ticks.
01:01:428 (3,4,5,6) This spacing is way off. The faster part is really far apart when it should be closer together, plus its not consistent with the spacing in the rest of the map...
01:03:019 (7,8) Move these back to the red ticks behind them.
01:04:597 Move the first spinner back to the white tick behind it, and move the other spinner back to the red tick behind it.
01:08:400 (1,2,3,4) Move (1) back to the white tick behind it and adjust the spacing. 1 and 2 are too close together and 3 and 4 are too far apart.
01:10:724 (7) Move forward to the red tick in front of it.
01:12:625 (8) Move forward to the next white tick.
01:14:949~01:16:640 I'd place a slider between these times. It just feels empty without anything there.
01:21:710~01:23:611 I'd remove the slider you have in this time (you had it end on a nice point though) and reset it to have it start at the time I indicated (on a white tick). Just sounds more accurate.
01:25:090 (2) Replace the slider to have it start at the time you had, but end on 01:26:569 (red tick). Following that, add in a finish note on the next red tick. :3

-- The circle size is extremely too small for a Hard difficulty. Set the size to the middle.
-- OD is, in my opinion, too high for a Hard map. I'd move it back one mark.
00:23:823 (1,2,3,4) Move 1 to the next red tick, and move 4 back to the previous white tick.
00:41:147 I'd start the wheel at the white tick before where it starts.
00:46:006 (2,3,4,5) Move them all up one white tick in front of each other.
00:47:908 (1,2,3,4) Spacing is inconsistent here.
00:51:499 (8) Move this up to the following red tick so that they're all even. Sounds better that way.
00:53:612 (10,11) Move these up to the next white ticks.
00:57:626 (1) Move back to the previous red tick. I'd also extend it to 00:58:682. Take (2) and move it back to the previous red tick, then drag out the other end to make it repeat (falling then on the following red tick). Move (3) and (4) up one to the white ticks.
01:07:978 (1,2,3,4) Grab all of these and move them up to the following white ticks. After (6) I'd place something in that gap because it feels so empty... (not a break though!)
-- After the final spinner, before the final note, I'd remove the break and, at the very least, place another spinner there. Also I still think that its better to end on a beat rather than the word its setting on, but that's just personal opinion.

*falls over* This took a little longer than I thought it would... This map isn't bad, it just needs a little readjusting. :3 Once its readjusted I'll give you a star~ (Also, I love this song, its silly! xD)
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finished and updated
I finished my Taiko Diff. :)

Please note that i'm not a Taiko gamer and thats my first Taiko map, so there will be errors.

Download: Dev Parade - Bacchikoi!!! (mebins) [Mikey's Taiko].osu
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Mik-ey wrote:

I finished my Taiko Diff. :)

Please note that i'm not a Taiko gamer and thats my first Taiko map, so there will be errors.
Thanks :D
hi~came from V.B.R.'s queue.

1.Why is there 3 .osb files?Plz delete what is not used and full submit.
2.Plz add "Mik-ey" into tags in all diffs.
3.Push ctrl+shift+A to call out AiMod,this can help you mod by yoursefl of some basic problem :p

00:10:387(1) - add one turn
00:24:246(2) - right two grid (grid level3)
00:24:458(x) - add note
00:25:303(x) - ^
00:31:007(5) - new combo
00:37:979(1) - ... ... this slider is really ugly.....orz
00:41:148(1) - end at 00:44:528 and add finish
00:51:077(7) - new combo
00:54:668(12) - ^
01:01:429(5) - new combo
01:07:133(1) - move this slider to 01:07:344?
01:14:527(1) - remove new combo
01:14:950(2) - new combo
01:16:217(2,3) - move to 01:16:429?
01:18:330(4) - end at 01:19:175?
01:20:443(1) - begin at 01:20:020?
01:24:458(1) - begin at 01:25:091,and end at 01:26:569?
01:26:992(1) - finish

Approach Rate -2
Set the Slider Velocity down to 1.0
01:03:330(7,8) - Spacing is so hard for a normal diff.Plz reduce.Btw,big spacing is not allowed in easy or normal.
00:11:148(X) - add a note.
00:11:993(X) - ^
00:15:796(9) - new combo
00:17:063(1) - remove new combo
00:18:331(x) - add a note.
00:18:754(x) - ^
00:22:979(3,4) - spacing is confused.
00:31:007(6) - new combo.
00:43:260(1) - remove new combo.
00:57:626(7) - new combo.
01:01:429(3) - ^
01:06:922(1) - end at 01:07:767.
01:10:725(7) - new combo.
01:14:950(13) - ^
01:25:091(2) - ^

Good luck :p
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Why Both normal and hard is E <_<

00:06:078 ~ 00:18:754 - no need to put finishes too frequently. Put them every 4 beats / 8 beats...
00:24:035 (1~6) - put finishes like the last one
00:58:260 - kkd / kdd
00:59:950 - kddK K...
01:01:429 - K d Kd
01:03:753 - longer spinner
01:11:358 - k kkd
01:18:330 - K
01:25:091 - ^
01:26:358 - kd

-> try to end all diffs at the same time

Since the solo diffs are E, so I'll skip them

Rating (-1 ~ 1)
Pattern - room for improvement in putting finishes and k : 0.5
Density : 0.5

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