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How to get your map modded

Getting your beatmap modded is an essential step in the ranking process. There are multiple ways to accomplish this task.

Types of mods

Before looking for mods, you must first understand the different types of mod requests you can make. The two most commonly used are normal mod requests (NM req) and mod for mod requests (M4M req). These are not the only request types, though. There are a few other mod request types which are mainly used in #modreqs:

  • Beatmap Nominator request (BN req): Used only in Beatmap Nominator queues or in #modreqs, a BN request is used when you believe your beatmap cannot be improved by regular mods anymore, and requires a more experienced check from a Beatmap Nominator.
  • Metadata check (Meta check): Fairly self-explanatory, the modder will check if the metadata of your beatmap is correct. Metadata is often checked in regular mods too.
  • Hitsound check: The modder will check your beatmap to make sure that your hitsounding represents the song correctly, is consistent, and is up to ranking standards.

Modding queues

Posting your beatmap in modding queues is the most effective and most widely used way of finding people to mod your beatmaps. Modding queues are threads posted in the Modding Queues forum which allow the creator of the thread to find beatmaps to mod, and for others to easily find modders to mod their beatmaps. Using the forum to find mods is straightforward and effective — just follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Browse through the list of queues, and find one that accepts beatmaps from the game mode which you have mapped for. Make sure it is marked as "open" in the title or opening post.
  2. Read the queue's rules. If you or your beatmap does not meet the requirements listed there, then unfortunately you will have to find another queue to post in.
  3. Read the modder's preferences listed in the queue (if any), as it may save both you and the creator of the queue a lot of time.
  4. Click the go to last post button at the bottom of the screen. This is represented by a double right chevron icon.
  5. Type what sort of request you would like, along with a link to your beatmap and any other information the modder has asked you to provide, into the New reply box.
  6. Click Post when you are finished.

It is generally acceptable to post in a few modding queues at a time, so feel free to repeat this process if necessary, or if you want to boost your chances of receiving a mod. Keep in mind, however, that just because you have posted in a modding queue, it does not mean the modder is obligated to mod your beatmap; they will mod it if they want to.

It is worth noting that you should avoid posting in Beatmap Nominators' queues until your mapping is at a near-rankable level (unless they have specified that they are looking for novice mappers), as they will most likely ignore your requests otherwise. You are much better off finding normal modders to mod your beatmaps when you are still learning how to create beatmaps.


Warning: Do not spam requests in this channel, as doing so may result in a silence. Post a mod request in #modreqs once every hour or so.

#modreqs is a channel in the osu! chat where players can request mods for their beatmaps by linking them with the /np command, along with a mod request type. While it is not the most effective method of finding mods, modders and Beatmap Nominators are often on the lookout for good beatmaps being linked in this channel.

#modreqs does not have the same functionality and userbase it had in the past, but it is still a useful method for obtaining mods, so it is worth a shot. While there are mostly normal mod requests these days, it is also commonly used for the other request types mentioned above.

Directly asking other users

Directly asking other users is a great way to get mods too. Generally, if a modder does not have a modding queue, they will likely have their modding information in the "me!" section of their profile. After reading any information they have there, you can then message them in osu! chat with your request. While these modders are harder to come by, there are still some out there, a lot of which have private queues off-platform and such.

All Beatmap Nominators have their modding information on their "me!" pages, regardless of if they have a modding queue or not. Asking Beatmap Nominators directly is almost a necessity for getting one to mod and/or nominate your beatmap.

Possibly the simplest method of getting a mod, albeit with varying degrees of quality, is asking your friends to mod your beatmap. You will probably want to ask friends who at least have a little mapping experience to get the best results.