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BAT Managers

BAT Managers (BATm) were the leaders of the Beatmap Appreciation Team (BAT). They were responsible for managing and mentoring team members, as well as raising awareness of important announcements and shaping the future goals and direction of the team.


Ivalset was promoted as the first BATm in early 2009. Later that same year he was replaced by Pasonia. Their initial roles were to organise and execute BAT promotion.

Triumvir Conglomerate

Following the promotion of all active members of the Mapping Assistance Team (MAT) to the BAT, on 2013-05-15, 3 new BATm were appointed from each major geographical region: Garven represented North America, Kurai represented Europe, and NatsumeRin represented Asia. This three-way balance of power was coined as the Triumvir Conglomerate.

These regional BATm positions were replaced on 2013-12-22 with Charles445, Loctav, and popner until the separation of the BAT into the Beatmap Nomination Group (later the Beatmap Nominators) and the Quality Assurance Team on 2014-08-21.