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User title

For the list of people who have attained special user titles, see Users with unique titles.

Screenshot of Ephemeral's profile informationThe "osu!team" title can be seen near the top of Ephemeral's profile.

A user title is a short label on a user's profile page set by the osu! team. Most titles indicate membership of a user group, but some users have earned more unique titles for specific achievements or contributions.

The colour of a user title is the same as the user's colour, which is also usually set by group membership. If the user has no colour set, the title is white.


Post count titles

Screenshot of Damnae's post sidebar on the old websiteThe "Star Shooter" title sits above Damnae's post count.

On the forum sections of the old osu! website, users could obtain titles by reaching certain post count milestones as follows:

Forum title Total post count
Rhythm Rookie 0–4
Tempo Trainee 5–14
Whistle Blower 15–29
Cymbal Sounder 30–49
Beat Clicker 50–79
Slider Savant 80–119
Spinner Sage 120–179
Star Shooter 180–259
Combo Commander 260–499
Rhythm Incarnate 500+

These titles were only visible on the sidebars of forum posts (not on the users' profiles) and were not shown if another custom title was already set prior.


VINXIS' two titles being displayed at the same time

  • User titles are referred to as "rank titles" throughout the game's code. This is a leftover name from when osu! was built on top of phpBB.
  • As of March 2021, users earning multiple titles are usually assigned a title that joins all of them together with slashes. Previously, it was more common to display only the most significant or most recent title.