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Beatmap Nominator Test

The Beatmap Nominator Test is an examination used to aid evaluation of Beatmap Nominator (BN) applicants.

Users applying to the Beatmap Nominators are required to take a test through the Beatmap Nominator website. Test results are visible to members of the Nomination Assessment Team (NAT) and help indicate a user's capability of joining the BN.

Test structure

There are 20 questions on the test and users are expected to select all correct answers from a list of choices. Missing a correct answer and selecting an incorrect answer will result in lower points for the question. Each question is worth 1 point and incorrectly answering questions will not result in negative points.

Test questions are pulled from a large pool of questions sorted by category. The following categories appear in the test:

For osu! applications, a score below 12.5 will result in a failed application. For other game modes, there is no threshold for passing or failing the BN test, however it's generally accepted that a score above 15 is good, a score between 12.5 and 15 is mediocre, and any scores lower are concerning.

The test has no time limit and it's expected that applicants read relevant wiki pages while taking the test. (It's not cheating!)


Echo created a prototype for the first modding test in 2008, however it was not used for new BN (previously known as Beatmap Approval Team (BAT)) applicants. Users were expected to point out mistakes in an intentionally flawed beatmap, Arashi - Kitto Daijoubu.

Similar modding puzzles were created for fun until 2015, when the first Beatmap Nominator test was created for practical use. The test featured a multiple choice section similar to the current BN test, as well as a hands-on modding puzzle created by Charles445. The modding test beatmap featured 10 difficulties with short mapped segments. Each segment was assigned a difficulty level and issues were expected to be found given that context.

The second test (created by Irreversible and Mao), the third test (created by Irreversible, Mao, and Myxo), and the fourth test (created by Irreversible and Mao) were designed as full beatmap spreads. These aimed to give the impression of modding a real beatmap.

These practical modding tests were used to help determine new Beatmap Nominators until 2017, when they were discontinued due to concerns with cheating. Since then, new BN admissions have been handled through subjective judgement from the Quality Assurance Team and later the NAT.