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Tournament management commands

The following chat commands are provided for remote management of multiplayer tournament rooms:

  • !mp make <name> - Creates a tournament room with the specified name. A maximum of 4 such rooms may be created.
    • This room is special in that it is not closed when all players have left the room, and it is password protected from players joining this room themselves.
    • When the room is finished, use !mp close to close the room.
  • !mp makeprivate <name> - Creates a private tournament room with the specified name. This command works the same as !mp make but match history is only visible to the room's creator and its participants.
  • !mp name <title> - Updates the room name.
  • !mp invite <username> - Invites a player to the room.
    • Note that this does not bypass any private message blocks available in the osu! client, so your tournament staff will need to tell players to disable "Block private messages from non-friends" in the osu! options.
  • !mp lock - Locks the room so that players can’t change their team and slot.
  • !mp unlock - Reverses the above.
  • !mp size <size> - Sets the amount of available slots (1-16) in the room.
  • !mp set <teammode> [<scoremode>] [<size>] - Sets various room properties.
    • teammode - 0: Head To Head, 1: Tag Coop, 2: Team Vs, 3: Tag Team Vs
    • scoremode - 0: Score, 1: Accuracy, 2: Combo, 3: Score V2
  • !mp move <username> <slot> - Moves a player within the room to the specified 1-indexed slot.
  • !mp host <username> - Transfers host to the player.
  • !mp clearhost - Clears the room host.
  • !mp settings - Displays full room details.
  • !mp start [<time>] - Starts the match after a set time (in seconds) or instantaneously if time is not present.
  • !mp abort - Aborts the match.
  • !mp team <username> <colour> - Moves a player to the specified team.
    • colour - red, blue
  • !mp map <mapid> [<playmode>] - Changes the beatmap and playmode of the room.
    • playmode - 0: osu!, 1: Taiko, 2: Catch The Beat, 3: osu!Mania
  • !mp mods <mod> [<mod>] [<mod>] … - Removes all currently applied mods and applies these mods to the room.
    • Any amount of mods can be entered.
    • mod - HR, DT, FL, HD, FI, Freemod, None
  • !mp timer [<time>] - Begins a countdown timer.
    • time is 30s default.
    • Timer announcements occur every minute, 30s, 10s, 5s and earlier.
  • !mp aborttimer - Stops the current timer (both normal timers and match start timer)
  • !mp kick <username> - Kicks the player from the room.
  • !mp ban <username> - Bans the player from the room.
  • !mp password [<password>] - Changes the password of the room. The password will be removed if <password> is not provided.
  • !mp addref <username> [<username>] … - Adds a referee to the room. A maximum of 8 referees may be added. Only the creator of the room can add a referee.
    • Referees must join the room in-game, or by entering the room's chat channel through /join #mp_<room_id> in IRC.
    • Referees can manage the room like the creator, however they cannot add or remove other referees themselves.
    • The osu!tourney client will show the room chat for referees.
  • !mp removeref <username> [<username>] … - Removes a referee from the room. Only the creator of the room can remove a referee.
  • !mp listrefs - Lists all referees in the room.
  • !mp close - Closes the room.

Sending !mp help to BanchoBot will reveal the commands.

Items enclosed within angle brackets ( <> ) define "parameters" of commands. Parameters enclosed within square brackets ( [] ) are optional. Usernames must have any whitespace be replaced with underscores ( _ ). #<userid> may substitute <username> in all of the commands.


The commands are usable from both within osu! or through an IRC client such as mIRC, HexChat, or HydraIRC.

The original host of a multiplayer room can also use these commands. If the original host leaves, the next host will not inherit the commands. The original host will be again be able to use the commands if they rejoin the room.

Example usage

The following is an example of command usage:

  • !mp invite Zallius - Invite Zallius to the room.
  • !mp move Loctav 4 - Move Loctav to slot 4 of the room.
  • !mp team Zallius blue - Move Zallius to the blue team.
  • !mp team Loctav red - Move Loctav to the red team.
  • !mp set 0 2 - Set the team mode to Head To Head and scoring mode to Combo.
  • !mp start - Start the match instantaneously.

We expect you to act professionally and responsibly in the management of your tournament. Any abuse of these commands to disrupt the play of other users will be dealt with harshly as a violation of our community rules.