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How to use the Offset Wizard

See also: Offset Wizard and Universal offset

If the hitsounds feel out of sync with the music in every beatmap you play, you will more than likely need to change your universal offset. The easiest way to do this is by using the Offset Wizard.

Follow the following steps to adjust your universal offset using the Offset Wizard.

Opening the Offset Wizard

  1. Open osu!.
  2. Go to the Options menu, or press Ctrl + O.
  3. Search "offset" in the quick-search, and click the Offset wizard button.

The Offset Wizard will then open, playing the song that was previously played in osu!, while green bars scroll across the screen and a metronome is ticking.

Calibrating the universal offset

  1. Listen carefully to the song and the metronome playing together.
  2. Start adjusting the universal offset up or down, using the corresponding arrow keys, or the mouse scroll wheel.
    • If the hitsounds seem like they are playing too early in-game, you will need to decrease your universal offset.
    • If the hitsounds seem like they are playing too late in-game, you will need to increase your universal offset.
  3. Adjust it until you hear the metronome line up perfectly with the song, using the scrolling bars on the screen to help you.
  4. Once you have successfully calibrated your universal offset, press the Back button at the bottom left of the screen to exit the Offset Wizard.

If the metronome feels too fast or too slow for the song, you may want to enable either Half tick or Double tick in the top left of the screen to make things easier.