osu!mania Asian's Champions 2020

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The osu!mania Asian's Champions 2020 (o!mAC2020) was an individual 1v1 osu!mania 4-key tournament for players from Asia. It was the second instalment of the osu!mania Asian's Champions.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2020-10-01/2020-10-14
Qualifiers 2020-10-25/2020-11-02
Post-qualifiers 2020-11-07/2020-11-08
Round of 16 2020-11-14/2020-11-15
Quarterfinals 2020-11-21/2020-11-22
Semifinals 2020-11-28/2020-11-29
Finals 2020-12-05/2020-12-06


Placing Prizes
Gold crown Unique profile badge, 4 months of osu!supporter
Silver crown 2 months of osu!supporter
Bronze crown 1 month of osu!supporter


The osu!mania Asian's Champions 2020 was run by various community members.


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Player
Gold crown bojii
Silver crown WLYMinato
Bronze crown xxxxxx2800





Round of 16



Match results


Player 1 Player 2 Note
WLYMinato 0 7 bojii
Onta_Bekasi 4 7 xxxxxx2800


Player 1 Player 2 Note
Onta_Bekasi 1 7 bojii
WLYMinato 7 6 xxxxxx2800


Player 1 Player 2 Note
WLYMinato 6 0 SHOKO -
Emiratess123 0 0 Onta_Bekasi win by default
[Crz]FolAH1217 2 6 bojii
xxxxxx2800 6 2 TriDoanGaming

Round of 16

Player 1 Player 2 Note
WLYminato 5 1 shokoha
Emiratess123 5 2 S V
Onta_Bekasi 5 2 -Frostleaf-
xxxxxx2800 5 2 Freshky
[Crz]FolAH1217 3 0 Kan4 win by default
SHOKO - 5 4 Lottery61
TriDoanGaming 0 -1 Sakaki forfeit
Bojii 0 -1 Situroen forfeit

Qualifiers & Post-qualifiers

Check the results in this statistics sheet.


General rules

  • osu!mania Asian's Champions 2020 is an 1v1 osu!mania 4-key tournament using Score V2.
  • Stage instructions:
    • Post-qualifiers is BO7.
    • Round of 16 is BO9.
    • Quarterfinals is BO11.
    • Semifinals is BO11.
    • Finals is BO13.
  • Single-elimination will be applied after Qualifiers.
  • Warm-up will be given start from Post-qualifiers and so on.
  • The mappool except Qualifiers will consist of a set of FreeMod picks and one Tiebreaker.
  • Multi-accounting is strictly prohibited.
  • Please be punctual in attending your match.
  • Match re-schedule is possible with the agreement between players and staff.

Tournament registration

  • The flag on your profile must represent an Asian country. For a complete list of Asian countries, you can visit worldometers.
  • No rank restriction.

Match instructions

  • You will get a notification from your referee that your match is ready 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Once you are ready, please let them know, and they will invite you to the lobby.
  • The referee will ask you to roll for ban and pick order. The lower roll will ban first, and the higher roll will pick first. Ban and pick order alternates between players.
  • Warmup maps must be downloadable via osu!direct with 3 minutes length at maximum.
  • Visual mods such as HD, FL, FI and MR are allowed. NF is allowed too.
  • After the warmups, each player will ban one map.
  • Players will pick maps until one player reaches the required amount of points to win the match.
  • The tiebreaker map will be played if both players are at match point.

Match schedule

  • All matches will be run according to the schedule time unless there is a re-schedule request by the players.
  • Postponement will be given for 10 minutes if there are still players who have not entered the match lobby.
  • In case there's a player who has not entered the match lobby after 10 minutes suspension, we will start counting the match points accumulatively. 1 match point will goes to the attending player per 5 minutes. This will be running continuously until the third 5 minutes ends and the match will be declared as Win by Default.