The Roundtable 16 player battle royale

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The Roundtable's 16 player battle royale takes place the first day of the event. Players will be randomized into groups of 8, and the lowest scorer of each map will be eliminated. When both groups are narrowed down to 2 players, the finalists will compete in a 1v1 best of 13 match.


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Unique profile badge



General rules

  • Beatmap scoring will be based on Score V2.

Battle royale rules

The battle royale will proceed as follows:

  • 16 players will be randomized into two groups of 8.
  • Each group will play through 7 maps. After each map, the lowest scoring user will be eliminated.
  • After both groups are narrowed down to one player each, the final players will compete in a BO13 1v1 match.

1v1 rules

  • When both players are in the room and ready, the match will start.
  • When the match starts, both users will !roll to determine the pick and ban order. The roll winner will choose either the pick order or the ban order, and roll loser will choose the remaining order. Bans will be done in ABBA order.
  • Each player bans a Tiebreaker with an on-site tournament organizer, and the remaining Tiebreaker is selected. If both players ban the same Tiebreaker, the tournament organizer will !roll 2 to select the Tiebreaker.
  • Following the first map, the losing team of the previous map will pick the next map until one team reaches the required amount of points to win the match.
  • If both teams are at match point, the Tiebreaker will be played.