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Weighting system

The weighting system determines a player's total performance points by weighting each individual performance point value against the others. The system then awards a proceedingly less amount for the second best value, third best value, and so on. This ensures that a player has to improve their playing abilities to progress within the performance point system. For a more precise explanation see the following formula:

total pp = pp[1] * 0.95^0 + pp[2] * 0.95^1 + pp[3] * 0.95^2 + ... + pp[m] * 0.95^(m-1)


  • pp describes each score's individual pp value.
  • pp[n] describes the n-th score's pp value after scores are sorted descendingly.
  • n ranges from 1 to m, where m is defined as the amount of scores a player has.

Bonus pp

The weighting system allows a player to gain up to 416.6667 bonus performance points for setting a large number of scores. The maximum amount is achieved at approximately 25397 total scores.