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Tablet cover

A tablet cover is a sheet of protective material special that encases or sticks onto the surface of a graphics tablet for additional protection. Said covers are similar to smartphone screen protectors, with the only significant differences being shape and design. And although tablet covers ultimately serve the same purpose of most other device screen protectors, tablet covers are often specifically designed to reduce nib wear, prolong the lifespan of said tablet, and protect the surface of the tablet from scratches. Some tablet covers — namely ones designed specifically for osu! — can also create a surface that is more glossy, smooth, or rough, depending on the type and preferences of the user.

Tablet covers often come in a form that is almost identical to smartphone screen protectors, except for the fact that the side that sticks only uses a strip of sticky material along the outer edges of the protective material. This is to avoid damage with the actual tablet surface's material, and allows for the use of pressure sensitivity and other features for digital drawing.

DIY vs. manufactured

Many forum posts that ask about where to buy or make tablet covers often mention how easy it is to create one. Common DIY tablet covers use a variety of materials that can be found at home or in-store for relatively cheap. Whereas manufactured tablet covers often use specialised materials to reduce nib wear and last longer.


Many players will often claim that DIY tablet covers "do the job" and are thus favourable due to their low-cost and accessibility. DIY tablet covers often use materials that can be found in most households and are often held down via tape or some heavy object.

Common DIY tablet cover materials often use one or more of the following materials:

  • Book film
  • Laminated paper
  • Bill strips
  • Glass screen protectors


Manufactured or store-bought tablet covers are often made of more specialised materials that cannot be easily found or easily shaped/created in most households. Online stores and distributors are popular distributors of such covers. They will often have a texture that is glossy, matte, or similar to smartphone screen protectors.