Notice: This play style requires the use of a graphics tablet.

Tapx is a tapping style for tablet-only players in osu! in which players click circles, slide sliders, and spin spinners by tapping a tablet pen onto a tablet, along with a secondary keyboard and/or tablet key to assist with streams and stacks. This method is fairly difficult for most players and is not very popular amongst most tablet players.


Note: The input overlay will show all tablet taps as M1.

Streaming via tapx is performed by alternating between tapping a pen onto a tablet and pressing one other assigned secondary key (Z and X by default) rapidly. Some players may find comfort in alternating between a tablet tap and the secondary key between every hit object similar to the way players who alternate determine key presses between each hit object.


Tapx does not typically have any pros and cons compared to other tablet tap play styles, as it is less of an advantageous tapping style, and more of a necessity to tablet-only players.

Of course, tablet-only players typically play with tablet only due to personal preference, but it is widely recognised that streaming using only tablet taps is practically impossible, and thus requires the use of tapx or some other second method of input to clear streams.