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Nightcore (mod)

NC mod iconNightcore (NC) mod icon

Not to be confused with Nightcore (genre).
See also: NC (disambiguation), Double Time (mod)
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  • Abbreviation: NC
  • Type: Difficulty Increasing
  • Score Multiplier:
    • : 1.12x
    • : 1.12x
    • : 1.06x
    • : 1.00x
  • Default shortcut key: D D or Shift + D
  • Caption: uguuuuuuuu
  • Compatible game modes:
  • Variant: Double Time


The Nightcore mod is a game modifier that works in the exact same way as it's variant mod, Double Time, but also increases the pitch and adds a drum track to the background that — in 4/4 time — goes in the order of a bass drum on beats 1 and 3, clap on beats 2 and 4, and crash on beat 1 every 4 measures.

The score multiplier stays the same as it would with the Double Time mod enabled, and the beatmap itself is unaffected beyond what the Double Time mod will do.

This mod has the same effect across all game modes.


  • The Nightcore mod was originally an April Fools joke but was then added into the game as an actual playable mod.
  • The Nightcore mod gets its name from the genre (or to some, sub-genre) "Nightcore" in which songs are edited or created to be sped-up by about 10–30% and have higher pitched vocals. Though the validity and history of this type of music is controversial.