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Auto (mod)

AT mod iconAuto (AT) mod icon

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Not to be confused with Autopilot (mod).


  • Abbreviation: AT or AO
  • Type: Special
  • Score Multiplier: 1.00x
  • Default shortcut key: V
  • Caption: Watch a perfect automated play through the song.
  • Compatible game modes:


Notice: Enabling the Auto mod will cause the play to be unranked and will not be saved to the local leaderboards.

The Auto mod is a game modifier that allows players to watch a perfect playthrough of the selected beatmap.

The mod functions exactly like a replay, with the options for 0.5x/1.0x/2.0x speed playback to be used and comments on the beatmap to be seen and made like normal. The Auto mod will always get an SS grade, with the exception of a few special cases.


In osu!, when encountered with a spinner, the Auto mod will spin to a maximum of 477 spins per minute (SPM) in a anticlockwise rotation.


In osu!taiko, the Auto mod will attempt a perfect playthrough, but won't always get an SS grade. It will occasionally miss a tick on drum rolls that do not start on a whole or half beat and will not always be able to complete dendens on maps with a very high overall difficulty.


In osu!catch, the Auto mod will actually go beyond perfect and use unlimited speed to catch every single banana in a spinner, despite such a feat being impossible for a human player.


In osu!mania, the Auto mod will attempt a perfect playthrough, but may miss objects in the same column that are overlapping or placed within 1 ms of each other.


  • When watching an Auto replay, the username displayed in the leaderboard will be "osu!".
  • After watching an Auto replay, the mod will deselect itself and the user will be forced to reselect the mod if they wish to watch the replay again. This will happen whether or not the replay is watched all the way through.