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Not to be confused with Notelock or Mind block.

Fingerlock (alternatively spelt as finger-lock or finger lock) is a term used to describe the sensation of momentarily losing control of one's fingers whilst playing osu!. Although not a term specific to osu!, the term is widely used by players to communicate frustration with plays where a player knows when and where to press a hit object, but inexplicably just doesn't press the key, effectively creating a sensation where said finger feels as if it is "locked" in place. Hence the name, "fingerlock".

"Fingerlock" may occasionally be referred to as wrist lock, wristlock, wrist-lock.


Caution: Fingerlock is not a medical condition. Any alleged research or commonly-understood information respective to the osu! community as to its cause and/or long-term effects is not considered to be scientific. The osu! community is not qualified to give medical advice; do not use the osu! wiki to diagnose medical conditions.

Fingerlock is a common sensation that happens to many veteran osu! players. The common consensus amongst most players is that fingerlock is generally no cause for alarm. However, if a player experiences persistent or painful fingerlock often, it is recommended that that player see a medical professional, as it may be the result of an underlying health condition.

A specific cause for fingerlock has neither been found nor generally understood yet. However, there are a few common habits that may cause or increase the chances of fingerlock: long play sessions (especially ones that retry the same beatmap repeatedly), bad posture or wrist position, or unnecessary strain on the wrist or fingers for extended periods of time. Regardless, fingerlock will most often occur once or twice during a play session as a result of simple hesitation or slow reaction time.

Remedies & prevention

Currently, there are not any known "remedies" for fingerlock, and are often considered unnecessary, as fingerlock typically resolves itself shortly after it occurs. But in cases where it often recurs, many players will take breaks, stretch their fingers, or engage in other activities that are less dependent on said finger(s). The aforementioned remedies are also effective prevention strategies, although none of this is guaranteed.