Taiko Korean Beatmap Contest #1

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The Taiko Korean Beatmap Contest #1 (TKBC1) was a osu!taiko mapping contest for Koreans. It was the first installment of the TKBC.

Contest schedule

Event Timestamp (UTC +9)
Registration Phase 2020-04-21/2020-04-26
Submitting Phase 2020-04-27/2020-05-10
Judging Phase 2020-05-11/2020-05-31
Results Announcement 2020-06-01


Contest rules

  • This contest is for osu!taiko mode.
  • You should choose a song which matches the theme.
  • The drain time should be not less than 80 and not more than 150.
  • The difficulty should be Oni or higher.
  • If you submit several maps, the last one would be your entry.
  • You should not reveal your map before the results announcing.
  • You can't submit what you uploaded already.
  • Only Koreans can participate this contest.
  • Judges can't participate this contest.

Metadata rules

  • Artist must be asdf.
  • Title must be 1223.
  • Difficulty must be Oni or Inner Oni.
  • Source and tags must be left blank.
  • When submitting your map, include the metadata in the email.


Theme results

  • Dog / Cat
  • Flower
  • Sea

'Dog / Cat' theme has selected through a vote.


Placing Prize(s)
Gold Crown 1 year of supporter or 30,000 KRW, userpage banner
Silver Crown 6 months of supporter or 20,000 KRW
Bronze Crown 2 months of supporter


The Taiko Korean Beatmap Contest #1 is run by members of the Korean osu!taiko mapping community.

Position Member(s)
Manager Hoshikuz, Civil oath
Judge Hoshikuz, Elfin, sendol


Place Mappers
Gold Crown Piel
Silver Crown ddm
Bronze Crown applerss