Korean Charting Contest 2021

KCC2021 banner

The Korean Charting Contest 2021 (KCC2021) is an osu!mania mapping contest for users from South Korea. It was the first instalment of the Korean Charting Contest.

Contest schedule

Event Timestamp (UTC+9)
Registration phase, song voting 2021-02-01/2021-02-07
Submission phase 2021-02-08/2021-03-07
Judging phase 2021-03-08/2021-03-21
Results announcement 2021-03-22


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 40,000 KRW, profile badge
Silver crown 20,000 KRW
Bronze crown 10,000 KRW

KCC2021 badge


Position Member(s)
Organiser Garalulu
Manager Oni Suika
Judge _underjoy, Garalulu, Hoto Cocoa, Kawawa, Pengdoll

Song list


  • cYsmix - Moonlight Sonata (3:24) / 128bpm
  • Frums - Turnstile Jumper (2:37) / 321bpm
  • onumi - DESIRE (2:28) / 209bpm
  • Sakuzyo - First Dance (3:12) / 116bpm
  • Zekk - Kaleidoscope (2:11) / 155bpm


  • Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra - Chocolate Missile (2:57) / 175bpm
  • HyuN - Last Paradise (feat. Serentium) (2:42) / 89bpm
  • Memme - Geurida (2:45) / 180bpm
  • mk feat.橘花音 - Awaking Beat-From the next generation- (3:51) / 178bpm
  • YUC'e - Sengoku HOP (3:25) / 110bpm

Voting results

KCC2021 voting results


Place Mapper
Gold crown 11Bit
Silver crown Sherie
Bronze crown arpia97


Contest rules

  • This contest is for the osu!mania mode only.
  • Only Koreans can participate in this contest. If your profile flag does not show that you are in South Korea for reasons such as foreign residence, you can still participate as long as you are able to verify that you are Korean.
  • You should pick a song that you want to map when you register (one song for Instrumental / Vocal each). You can map one of those two songs after the voting ends.
  • The osu! client must be able to load and read your submission.
  • Submissions must be in the .osz format.
  • Custom hitsounds are allowed.
  • Title, Artist, MP3, Source, Tags and Background must NOT be modified. However, the preview point can be customised.
  • Videos, skins, and storyboards are NOT allowed. However, storyboarded hitsounds are allowed.
  • Submission must be 4K ~ 9K.
  • The Auto mod must be able to full combo (1,000,000 score) your submission.
  • Submission must be finished by the contestant alone. No collaboration is allowed.
  • Submission must not be uploaded to the osu! website through the Beatmap Submission System (BSS). All contest submissions are anonymous during the judging phases to avoid bias.
  • Only one beatmap difficulty is allowed. If multiple difficulties are submitted, then the one with the highest star rating will be accepted.
  • Only Insane or higher difficulties are allowed. Please check the difficulty-specific rules in the ranking criteria.
  • If you submit several maps, the last one will be your final entry.
  • Submitting entries means understanding and agreement to the ruleset above.

Judging criteria

For each eligible submitted difficulty, the judging panel will award points based on the following criteria:

  • Expertise (25 pts): How well the submission demonstrates techniques regarding structure, music representation, flow, hitsounding, etc.
  • Cohesion (25 pts): How consistent the submission is regarding structure, music representation, flow, hitsounding, etc., especially between different sections.
  • Creativity (25 pts): How well the submission shows originality and uniqueness compared to the other submissions, with reasonable consideration for playability.
  • Judges' Impression (25 pts): This is the part of the score left to the Judges' personal preferences on the submission.