Chart Assembly Team

For the modern version of the team, see: Beatmap Spotlights § Curators

The Chart Assembly Team (often referred to as CAT) was a dedicated group of users formed in August 20111 and responsible for compiling monthly and themed beatmaps for the Ranking Charts (later renamed to Beatmap Spotlights). Having being initially composed from the members of the Beatmap Appreciation Team and the Mapping Assistance Team, it was expanded to a curated set of renowned players and mappers in order to increase diversity.

Over time, there have been several attempts to revitalise the team and increase quality of the Ranking Charts, including two application rounds in 20132 and 20143 and extensive discussions45 about possible changes to the team format and responsibilities.

On March 18, 2015, the CAT was dissolved6 due to the complete overhaul of the Ranking Charts, which included community-sourced selection of maps.