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Beat snap divisor

Beat snap divisor in the editor

The beat snap divisor is a setting that determines the editor's behaviour in quantising beats, in a process referred to as beat snapping. It can be found in the upper-right portion of the editor screen.

The beat snap divisor corresponds to the granularity of hit objects on the timeline. The divisor is expressed as a fraction of how many parts a beat should be split into; a denser beat snap divisor setting allows for more notes to be placed in the same measure of time, and vice versa.

Supported divisors

The beatmap editor supports eleven different beat snap divisor settings, ranging from 1/1 to 1/16.

Divisor Tick colour Visual
1/1 White
1/2 Red
1/3 Purple
1/4 Blue
1/5 Yellow
1/6 Purple
1/7 Yellow
1/8 Yellow
1/9 Yellow
1/12 Grey
1/16 Grey

1/1 (full beat), 1/2 (half of a beat), and 1/4 (quarter of a beat) are the most widespread divisors due to the majority of songs being composed with more dense rhythms. Divisors such as 1/3 (triplets) and 1/6 (double triplets) are often used when mapping waltz songs, where a single beat is divided into three or six equal parts.

The rest of the beat snap divisor settings are uncommon and should be used with caution: unless a song or a section in it is composed specifically using non-standard beat lengths, a rare divisor such as 1/5 or 1/16 is typically a sign of incorrect beatmap timing. 1/16 in particular, however, is typically used for buzz sliders.