The Project Loved Team are members of the osu! community who manage Project Loved, the voting platform that promotes beatmaps to the Loved category.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Project Loved Team mostly consists of captains for each game mode. Captains are responsible for nominating beatmaps to the Loved category. They also write short descriptions about the nominated maps to help readers get a feel for each map in case they have not seen or played them before.

The rest of the team helps with quality control, maintenance, and organisation.

Team Members

Name Role
-Kazu- osu!taiko captain
-Roxas osu! captain
BeasttrollMC osu! captain
Bubbleman osu! captain
clayton News and forum post writer, mapper contact
DigitalHypno osu! captain
Ephemeral Beatmap updater
fartownik osu! captain
iceOC osu!taiko captain
jyake osu!taiko captain
Lenfried- osu!mania captain
Noffy Beatmap metadata expert
nyanmi-1828 osu!taiko captain
Pope Gadget osu!mania captain
Sartan osu!catch captain
Shoegazer osu!mania captain
Tenshichan osu!catch captain
Toaph Daddy osu!mania captain
Toy Project manager
waywern2012 osu! captain
Wesley osu!catch captain
Yumeno Himiko osu!catch captain