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I made a topic earlier, regarding a bug with the osu!Direct panel.
And now.. it's gone and vanished for some reason.


It gives me a File not found error. :?

I shows I made the topic still.. and 1 reply that I can no longer reply to..

I clicked the link in here that says this:

Post subject: Dual Input from Direct Panel and Beatmap List

I think the link for there is broken or something. as it gives me a File not Found error when I click for an individual post, but I could get to the topic with the link by the topic link above that.

So.. now that I think about it more, it's more of a broken link bug.. :o
Where are you coming from?
The URL is
The /forum/ is repeated, which causes the issue. I don't know how it got repeated though.
Going to fill this post with a more descriptive reply.

Forum: Technical Support Topic: Dual Input from Direct Panel and Beatmap List [resolved]
Post subject: Dual Input from Direct Panel and Beatmap List
Posted: 8 hours ago

Replies: 1
Views: 18

This information appears when looking at a user's posts.

Clicking the link related to the Forum works, and same with the topic. But for the link after Post Subject, that link fails to work, because of what Shiro stated earlier.

I'm coming from the user post search. Page title: "osu! - Search"


I made a forum post on it, then realised it was a dupe.

But here is a more detailed info.

Edit: Temporary fix. When trying to get onto it. Just do this
BEFORE: /forum/p/1797671
AFTER: p/1797671
Notice that all of kitokofox's posts appear like that.

It seems some of mine do too: search.php?author_id=289422&sr=posts The top 2 are fine (dont take this as an arbitrary number as the number of posts will obv. increase) the rest have the double "forum" thing

Edit: After posting this, all of them are wrong Oo

Should probably rename topic as it's an issue with the search result links.
I confirm, the same issue here. (Was just looking forward to posting a new topic here, but seen this one)
Every "[ Jump to post ]" link in here search.php?author_id=530913&sr=posts just links to a wrong place.
Fixed now \o/
While the URLs are still slightly malformed, it does seem to be working correctly now. The whole phpbb search infrastructure is starting to crumble under the forum's weight anyways, so I may start looking at alternatives.
post from search form--> /p/1798232
the link that should be--> p/1798232
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