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Hey, does anyone remember my old queue? Well, that died... so here's another one, from the asherz (ha) of past!

Status: OPEN (I'll try and stay open for as long as I can handle.)
I am currently on fire due to hot weather so I'm currently not doing anything until the weekend though.

What I do
Basically anything and everything for as long as my concentration span allows me to not get bored of a song and/or map. SVs, hitsounds, metadata, spread, you name it.

NM and M4M (if you feel like it) are both fine.

M4M maps:
umm...... don't have any rn lol

If you like what I do and have done and want to help me out a little bit, go hype one of my maps in pending (not WIP). Helps me out a lot. That and upvoting my modding posts on your maps. Gotta get those kudosu internet points, not that they mean much these days.

Modding speed
I will try and get through things as fast as I can, but this is highly dependant on personal motivation and trying to do this in between other things like mapping or playing other games.


There aren't that many...
  1. Follow the format. Makes life easier for everyone.
  2. Mania only 4-9K, reasonable SR. (Try not to give me something I'd struggle to play if I could be bothered to play it)
  3. Only one active request per user. What does this mean? You can request only one map at a time. You can request another map if:
    1. I have modded the first map you requested.
    2. I haven't modded the map 2 weeks after you requested. (In which case you can request the same map again, but only once.)
  1. No real music preference, just be reasonable about what songs you map and request here.
  2. I was a 4K main, so I will generally find 4K maps easier to look through. 6K is second preference.
  3. Shorter maps and smaller spreads are usually faster to mod, for obvious reasons.
  4. If you're not known around the mania community or by me personally, you're better off requesting easier/more simple maps. Trying to mod a 6* from someone you don't know just doesn't work so I will likely reject anything like that.
  5. Try not to request me to do too much. Don't really want to burn myself out doing this.
  6. Please have the map aimed at ranked, or to genuinely improve yourself at mapping. Jokes are something I don't do, at least not here.
Hey look, the FORMAT is in this box.
(NB: Difficulties here refers to the ones you want me to pay particular attention to, not however many there are in the mapset)
Type of request: (NM/M4M)
Link to your map:
Difficulties: (that you want me to mod)
Extra notes/info:
Key count(s):

Tips and tricks from 2017 me for newer mappers, revised by 2019 me
Likely there will be quite a few issues with your map that I'd want to discuss, and I've essentially found myself repeating the same things over and over again. So I thought I'd put it all here. This is, of course, mostly just one style of mapping (guess I'll call it percussion style or something), but it would be better to get to grips with this style, which is an easier style to learn than most, before going away from this and experimenting.

General Information
  1. Check the Ranking Criteria, and the Mania-specific criteria. They should give you a general idea of what you should and shouldn't do.
  2. Check AIMod. The number of times I come in and there are still problems here is crazy. It's often just simple checks like unsnapped notes and kiai toggles that are overlooked.
  3. OD and HP: Generally speaking, between 6 and 9 for both is fine, but don't do something silly like odhp 9 for an Easy or odhp6 for an Extra. Usually having these values up to 1.0 apart is normal, as long as the idea of progression is still present within the map.
Slider Velocity (SV) Changes
There is both a Standard Guide and Simplified Guide available for use.

The two key things are:
  1. Make sure they're averaged so the overall section is still sightreadable (best way of doing this is maintaining the 1x average mentioned in the guides)
  2. Use them appropriately. There shouldn't be any random/unjustified SVs in the map.
First thing's first. I'm going to say mapping notes to vocals or to more or less any form of lead for an extended period of time is strongly discouraged and should be avoided. There's nothing technically wrong with it, but with following sounds for mania (what you should be doing, might I add), it can get a little cluttered, particularly for 4K and following vocals is the first thing to be dropped.

Going off of that, unlike standard, there are no filler notes in mania. That means that, if there aren't any sounds about, there shouldn't be anything there. Vocals aren't really considered as sounds for this as they're not as clear-cut as something like percussion. If there are notes where there aren't sounds, then those are ghost notes.

Avoid "anti-ghosting" as well, which is not mapping something that should be. For example, something like a snare sound shouldn't be missed. It's more often than not a problem for easier difficulties, as you can't really map many things that appear on 1/4s at high BPMs. The easy solution is to "cover the sound" with a long note (LN). A good place where people use this is in drum fills.

The thing to come after this is consistency, which is essentially mapping the same sound with exactly the same number of notes, well, consistently. A common thing would be to map bass kicks for the harder difficulties as doubles, and this would be the same throughout the rest of the map. Occasionally this can be broken, but there needs to be a very good reason as to why.

"Variety is the spice of life", as they say. Remains true for this too, you know. It's not wrong to be repetitive, but being varied (while being consistent) can make a map interesting.

Another important factor is playability. Essentially, it's trying to ensure that the patterns you map are somewhat comfortable. Of course, you can go against this, but you're going to need a reason for the tons of modders who will point it out. It's important to playtest your map often and think about the players it will be aimed for. (The most common way most people do this is through spreading the notes out across all of the columns evenly.)

Lastly, progression. Easier difficulties should essentially be a more basic version of harder difficulties, rather than a different entity altogether. Simply, there shouldn't be anything in an Easy or Normal that would be absent in a Hard or an Insane, for example. The other thing is, there can't really be too much of a difference between difficulties, as the jump would be unreasonable to players trying to progress onto the harder difficulties.

If anything, practice will improve your mapping skills, as it does anyone. But knowing about these will certainly help, as it has for me. :)

Of course, if there's anything here that you don't understand, feel free to PM me somewhere... or request here.

Don't forget to enjoy mapping, yeah? If there's anything you don't understand, please let me know so I can change things here if I need to.

Here's a spreadsheet documenting past mods, as well as BN activity if you're interested.

If this hasn't been updated in 7 days or more, something's probably come up. Please be patient while this happens; mods may take slightly longer to appear than usual during this period.
o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/

Type of request: M4M

Artist/Title: Taishi - All For The Time

Link to your map:

Length: 4:50

Difficulties: Time flies

Extra notes/info: SV map with lots of 1/6 bursts and 1/3 jack. Map is aimed for higher ranked player even though the SR is really low, so some of the patterns aren't being reflected well from the SR

Key count(s): 4k

thanks in advance
Asherz is coming back! ~~

Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: Eisyo-kobu - Oriental Blossom

Link to your map:

Length: 1:51

Difficulties: Any diffs in 7K. (If u would like to mod 4k is also okay.)

Extra notes/info: 4k with broken streams and 7k with LNs. This is the first time I make 7k mapset for rank, and I also need some mods in 7k. The map is hitsounded.

Key count(s): 4k & 7k

Thanks in advance!
Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: BATTEN SHOWJO TAI/Yoka Yoka Dance (TV Size)

Link to your map:

Length: 0:59

Difficulties: just normal

Extra notes/info: You know this map and it's only temporary graveyarded, it'll be revived soon, already found the nominators

Key count(s): 4

Pls drop a few suggestions on normal ><
Thank you!
hihihi o/

Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: t+pazolite - Hong-Kong-Tea-Soda (replay2014)

Link to your map:

Length: 5:05

Difficulties: there's only 1 diffs

Extra notes/info: is a bit overrated, doing mostly rice stuff and mini stack

Key count(s): 4

ty owo

Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: PSYQUI - Stepper

Link to your map:

Length: 1:47

Difficulties: up to you

Extra notes/info:

Key count(s): 4k

thank you

Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: Yanagida Ethnica - For You the Bellz Toll

Link to your map:

Length: 2:09

Difficulties: Like Sado, up to you. Would be greatly appreciated if you also did some fiddling with the Hitsound difficulty as I'm still a beginner when it comes to hitsounding.

Extra notes/info: Do note that some simplification has been done for the song such as only mapping the snares when they occur on the offbeat (since they're rather hard to hear clearly until the end). If I were to map everything I think this song might become too dense for my liking. We've spoken before on Discord regarding the spread but some more opinions on it would be nice + suggestions to fix, I'm not the best with reasonable difficulty gaps.

[Jingle Bellz!!] utilises chord allocation for most of the map up to the kiai where the density drops for an easy-ish LN kiai. The kiai is designed to let the player relax a little and enjoy themselves despite some bursts being present in the transitions. This difficulty is the one that needs the most scrutiny in my opinion as I'm not exactly used to this style of mapping or song (entirely 1/6 and 1/3).

Key count(s): 4K exclusively

Thank you in advance!
yoyoyoyo hi ash!


Artist/Title: lapix - You're Beautiful

Link to your map:

Length: 5:10

Difficulties: High Fashion

Extra notes/info: some streams, jumps and minijack stuff

Key count(s): 4

Thank you!
Roasted Chicken
I'm the great small noodle monster!

Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: Phantom Sage - Holystone

Link to your map:

Length: 6:40

Difficulties: At the Point of No Return

Extra notes/info: Long map, kinda repetitive, mild SV heavy. Keeps repeating the sane Full + half beat LN, some extra spice at the end of the map.

Key count(s): 4


Type of request: (NM/M4M) Nm
Artist/Title:Yuusha Party-Endoro~ru
Link to your map:
Length: 1:27
Difficulties: Hero March, Rip46's Hard
Extra notes/info:I honestly think with some improvement it can go for rank
Key count(s):4
Type of request: (NM/M4M) M4M
Artist/Title: Cattle of Decapitation - An Exposition of Insides
Link to your map:
Length: 3:18
Difficulties: siberbule's Massacre, Insane
Extra notes/info: going for ranked, guest diff, pretty hard.
Key count(s): 4

thanks owo
hey ash o/

Type of request: nm

Artist/Title: redalice - LEVATEiN feat. Ayumi Nomiya

Link to your map:

Length: 2:15

Difficulties: all if possible

Extra notes/info: stream, old style

Key count(s): 4

Hello ~

Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: SLAM - 1950

Link to your map:

Length: 1:58

Difficulties: Lv.21 (only 21, other difficulties are ready)

Extra notes/info: technique (at least I tried), no LNs in Lv.21

Key count(s): 4K

Thank you

Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: Memme - Plasma Gun

Link to your map:

Length: 0:58 (0:55 drain)

Difficulties: Advanced, Maximum

Extra notes/info: I've designed a pattern that focuses on speed. (It's made to speed with a mini-jack and an easy stream.) +) old style mapset..

Key count(s): 4K

thx owo!
Noch Einen
Burn to ashes :trigurdank:

Type of request: (NM/M4M)

Artist/Title: Kaneko Chiharu

Link to your map:

Length: 03:06

Difficulties: mainly focus to MAXIMUM, but i'd like to have some in ADVANCED / EXHAUST

Extra notes/info: MAXIMUM kinda hell of semi LN wall & really hard compared to EXHAUST, so i might need some mod for difficulty wise

Key count(s): 4

Thank you
Type of request: (NM/M4M) : NM

Artist/Title:mustie=DC feat.Hanon - Merry Snowy Fantasy

Link to your map:


Difficulties: (that you want me to mod):Hard, Insane, Happy Christmas

Extra notes/info: thats 7k mapset stream and JH pattern mainly

Key count(s): 7k

thx ur advanced
Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: Ampzer/Han

Link to your map:

Length: 1:53

Difficulties: Hard (and Bad's Insane if necessary)

Extra notes/info: Aiming to be ranked. the diff has several reverse notes and idk any better patterns besides them (for hard Diff)

Key count(s): 4K

Thankyou in advance!
Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: HIMEHINA - Rettou Zyoutou

Link to your map:

Length: 3:52

Difficulties: Normal

Extra notes/info:

Key count(s): 4K

Thx!(*‘ω‘ *)
Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: KRUX - The Apocalypse

Link to your map:

Length: 2:33

Difficulties: _VK's Another and Jakads' Catastrophe (If you only will to mod one, _VK's Another is more prioritized)

Extra notes/info: Trying my luck to get mods :)

Key count(s): 7K
Route 174
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Halozy - Kikoku Doukoku Jigokuraku
Length: 5:50
Diff: Welcome To The Bruning Hell
Extra notes/info: It's a light handstream map with some mini LNs that try to follow PR
Key count: 4

Thank you a lot, have a nice day o7
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