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Hello, is it worth for me to learn HR? My goal is to improve, not to gain ranks tho. Im DT player and my acc and aim kinda sucks, I heard that learning HR actually helps alot with this. Im not very good at playing nomod, but with HR it seems a bit more fun, even I if suck at it.
HR for me is a lot fun, mainly cause I suck at hidden. HR is worth it to learn but if you play for it for to long you might become used to it and then ur aim might decrease with no mod or make things harder in general. Now for that to happen you would need to play months on end of none stop HR.
It's not a bad idea to learn it.
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Well i guess ill just play HR for now and if i get better with it ill try to add hidden to it.
i've been playing HR (with HD) for couple of days now and its very fun. i have finally got the hang of it today and moved up like 2K ranks by FC'ing two maps and near fc'ing third one. epic ;D
so yeah if you wanna have fun do some HR
hr is really satisfying, but its pretty hard to master, if you have the patience for it im sure you'll get by somehow!
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The only thing that kinda scares me is, that if i want to get pp of it, i need atleast 98%+ accuracy, i dont have a big problem with holding my combo, i already Fc'd 2 songs with HRHD i think, but with like 90% acc and it seems so hard to make it better. But its fun tho, so ill continue playing it.
It's a matter of perspective really.
I'm perfectly fine with getting the accuracy but I don't have the ability to read AR10 well enough and I also struggle a bit with smaller CS which means I neither get the combo nor the acc I can get on OD10 with "normal" AR/CS.

If it's fun for you, continue playing it.
In my opinion getting used to the AR is the most unfun part about it and you seem to be past that. Accuracy can be acquired on the way.
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About AR. Couldnt it be thanks to the fact that im a DT player? DT songs usually have high AR right?

Also i have this idea, its kinda offtopic but w/e. How about downloading huge amount of beatmaps, atleast 70k, and go through all of them in range 4,5-6,5 stars (i usually play songs around 5,5*). I would finish it, and do it again, to see how i improved along the way. Is that a stupid idea? xD
Yes, there are too many maps and it would take fucking ages, lol

I have close to 58k maps so I'd say you end up with well above 10000+ maps in that SR range (especially considering that my mappool lacks most of the last 2 years sets which have significantly higher average SR than older maps). If you assume an average duration of 2min then you're at 20000min which equals 333h of raw gameplay. Which is about as much as the entire duration you spent playing osu! up to now. And I think you only assembled a total of ~1500 ranked scores (meaning scores on different difficulties) in that time.

And yeah, you being a DT player arguably helps with reading high AR. It's a good stepping stone but I personally just can't bring myself to play DT on a regular basis.
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Sick Like Me
Well, maybe I will try to do it sometime anyway xd.

About DT, i dont even know how i became DT player. But i dont really like tv size DT maps, I have 1000+ combo FC's with DT but sadly they are not good enough to show up in top plays, but they are way more fun to me then playing TV size map which are made literally for pp farming.
HR is fun until you miss more than 2 notes. But Hey there NF for that. And I think HR is worth learning.
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