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     DONDER mapset | Re:DONDER mapset     

P Λ N D Θ R Λ   D Θ N N N is divided into two difficulties (DONDER and Re:DONDER). The Re:DONDER mapset features more challenging maps.
The first stage of P Λ N D Θ R Λ   D Θ N N N consists of six maps. Clear all six maps from either mapset to advance.
Scores must pass a certain threshold for a map to be considered cleared. This threshold will lower over time.

  1. Play with ScoreV2. Ranked mods are allowed.
  2. Score required to clear maps
    Phase 1 || 2019/10/13 - 2019/10/19 : 990000
    Phase 2 || 2019/10/20 - 2019/11/02 : 960000
    Phase 3 || 2019/11/03 - 2019/11/16 : 910000
    Phase 4 || 2019/11/17 - 2019/11/30 : 840000
    Phase 5 || 2019/12/01 - 2019/12/31 : 750000
    Phase 6 || 2020 - : 640000
  3. Submit screenshots of scores here. Your in-game name must be the player in the screenshot.
    Scores of individual maps are also accepted so there is no need to submit all scores in one go.
    You may be requested to submit the actual replay.
  4. See the leaderboard here.
  5. To advance to the next stage, scores submitted must include the six maps in the same mapset (do not mix DONDER scores and Re:DONDER scores).
    One is free to attempt both mapsets. I personally recommend attempting the DONDER mapset before the Re:DONDER mapset.
  6. Those who make it to the later stages will receive details of them in forum PMs, so be sure to enable private message receipt and check forum PMs.
    In particular, logistically, we will try to send out forum PMs at midnight (GMT) every day, with the cut-off time for receiving scores for that particular batch of PMs being around an hour before midnight.
    If you are particularly concerned about private message receipt, I advise enabling it during midnight GMT after clearing a stage.

    Do not leak later stages until they are released publicly.
  1. 🔥 Mappers 🔥
    -[ ix Ishida xi ]-, Drum Decimator, HiroK, Konpaku Sariel, Raphalge, rezi888, Taka030, Ulqui, uone, yea + α, β, γ

  2. 👀 Behind the scenes 👀
    7_7, H1gumo, maziari1105, S a n d

  3. Volunteers to handle logistics

  4. maimai

Good luck, have fun :D
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