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Hey! So i have been trying to achieve my next goal which is to have a 200pp play. But i want it to be a cool score, not a farm map because i don't like farming pp myself or go just for pp. So i'm asking help from you guys, if you could give me the best 200pp maps that i could be proud of. Has to be at least 3min long and not the easiest stuff. Thank you
literally just 100% any 5*
To be fair, any cool 200pp play is going to be as difficult to achieve as a 250pp farm play which I can hardly imagine you will delay that much.
In the end your first 200pp play will be something you are good at so anything we suggest won't necessarily match that.
I for instance am good at accuracy so I can go much lower in terms of star rating than someone with worse accuracy and I'll naturally also go for long maps as longer maps grant more pp for good accuracy.

One of my next goals is which is kinda cool as a song and not 100% farmy but still pretty easy overall I think.
This map is 200pp on 99% acc FC and it has been a multiplayer staple for a long time so I think it would actually be pretty cool. It is not especially gimmicky so it shouldn't pose major problems readingwise but it's not particularly farmy either and requires decent 190bpm streaming skills.
One of the coolest map in that range in my opinion but also super hard to FC and a marathon so eh...probably not but it's fun and the song is absolute dope.
Old Skystar map. Has its charme, some small gimmicks but quite FCable imo. The next lower diff can also yield 200pp at almost SS acc. And the song is lit.
This is a farm map but a good one. It fulfills your 3min requirement, the song is a banger and the difficulty is very well mapped in my opinion. Only catch is that nomod SS will grant you only 195pp. With HD you can afford up to 6 100s which is absolutely doable and I myself went for it as well. If you get more than that it's still good farm and nothing to be ashamed of having as your #1.
just be me and wait a few years
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Implojin wrote:

literally just 100% any 5*
This is not right. Not all 5* maps give 200pp plus not all 5* maps are cool scores even if i SS them.
You can try getting an FL (or any other mod combination with FL) 200pp play, then it'll be a pretty unique and cool score, but it'll take lots of work and retries to get a 200pp FL play (might take a few months to memorize).
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