[GD REQUEST] Minase Inori - Pure Frame (~5.0-5.25* EXPERT NEEDED)

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Probably the only map so far in my 2 years of mapping that I poured enough effort in.

EDIT: Revived, in need of an EXPERT difficulty between 5.0*-5.25*

This will be turned in for ranked but first, I will need an Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane and Extra (hence ENHIX) or at least an Insane set for that.
As always, looking for mappers who are proficient and promising to map a quality difficulty.

I'm free to decline a submission that I deem not acceptable for ranked.

DIRECTIONS: Send a sample map that can reflect on what you'll be creating for this set and send me your Discord tag~

NOTE: I would prefer a mapping style befitting the song.


Easy : Avoidedoki
Normal : AJiSAI-
Hard : Asuka_-
Insane : 0ppIn0su

Expert: < OPEN >
Extra : TheBlank
Serendipity : AJiSAI-

So yeah, looking forward to whoever is willing to participate and please have fun mapping!
Extra pls
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TheBlank wrote:

Extra pls

ok u pass
Easy, please?
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Avoidedoki wrote:

Easy, please?

I'll let you pass

But for the next people who'll apply, please follow directions. Otherwise, I will ignore the request.
can i try to make insane? ( +preview if you want )
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0ppInOsu wrote:

can i try to make insane? ( +preview if you want )

Sure, looking forward to what you'll make. I'm curious of the preview too

Regarding the Hard, Asuka_- messaged me for the spot so there he/she goes.
As for the normal, I decided to make it myself.

Consider this thread as closed until reopened.
Moved to Completed Projects.
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