Its just a tiny Modding Team :D [Open]

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Hi Everyone!!!!!! Its just a tiny Modding Team!
its been along time ;A;

We got 3 people here
  1. Teru21
  2. Matoryoshika
  3. Xierra

Lets just start! xD

Standard Rules! (Note that the rules may change at any time. Check our last post!)
This applies to all Modder!
  1. 1 map/post
  2. Only mod WIP or Pending maps
  3. We can Mod in English or Indonesian
  4. 2 beatmap per round for each modder that means we accept 6 beatmaps per round. and depends on the last post where the modder will said how much they are accepting
  5. If we don't like the song, we may skip it, or we will still mod it but the results won't optimal
|M4M Box XD|
Mato still accepting Mod4Mod
Check out his map
Extra Rules! (Note that the rules may change at any time. Check our last post!)
Rules for specific modders

Xierra wrote:

  1. accept 2 req
  2. Can't mod Taiko / CTB diffs
  3. Prefers Japanese or English songs
  4. accept instrumental game soundtracks of some games
  5. Vocaloid songs get the greatest priority!
  6. I will not mod (Even for the greatest priority):
    1. Nightcore songs
    2. Heavy Rock / Metal songs.
    3. Really scary or strange BG / Video
    4. Offending Song / BG / Video (Ecchi, Eroge, Vulgar stuff)
  7. Draining time limits (Not counting Taiko & CTB):
    1. 1:00 ~ 2:00 minutes will get 4 diffs max
    2. 2:00 ~ 3:00 will get 3 diffs max
    3. 3:00 ~ 4:00 will get 2 diffs max

Matoryoshika wrote:

  1. accept 2 req
  2. I can only mod fulltime (I'm not lazy) If I am on my Holiday or on Weekend
  3. Sorry If sometimes I mod hitsound Nazily (its rare lol)
  4. I'll try to accept any kind of music
  5. 1 slot for M4M

Read this too! (wait untill full loading)

for M4M
Superman Is Dead - Kuat Kita Bersinar

Teru21 wrote:

  1. accept 2 req see last post XD
  2. I can mod Taiko (but not as good as the other modder)
  3. I accept guest diff request if I liked the song (Usually i like all song except like a game song, but whatever..)
  4. I take along time to make Hard and Insane diff
  5. No Priority :3 oh sorry its a lie Eroge and Yaoi song got the highest priority LOL xD

for GD and M4M, Post up even if the queue is closed. Let me mod your map first :D I will feel sorry if I don't found mistakes on your map and you mod my map (and its not called m4m anymore) Mod my map first. If I don't find any problems, You can call me (for 1 time) you want me to mod your map
for M4M
Dasoku - E? Aa, Sou
Nico Nico Chorus - Alice Human Sacrifice
TVXQ - You Only Love
Chata - Nanairo no Sekai

inverness wrote:

Moved to Additional People :D

for M4M
Hatsune Miku - Arpeggio
Hatsune Miku - Music Box
Additional People : Hinsvar and inverness

Hinsvar wrote:

I'll probably take the mod requests here by myself starting from the next round. And no, I'm not going to join the team and be a regular modder; I'll take your requests randomly. I don't promise to mod everything; heck, I might not mod anything in a round. It depends on how lazy or busy am I.

inverness wrote:

I will mod maps here whenever I want to, but in case you really want my mod, just write down my name on your posts or just send me a forum PM. Remember, I mod here randomly and if your maps gonna get modded by me, it's up to me when will I finish the mod.
Point is: There's a chance we'll mod your map if you're requesting a mod to the team here, it means there will be a chance that 1 beatmap can get 2 or 3 mods :)

There's always a chance we willl shot a Star to your map

If you had already read the rules, then please write I Haven't Read the Rules on your post.
you can edit your post (I haven't read the rules thing) before we saw your post, it'll count.. but if we already see it, it won't count, we will post it so you'll know it doesn't count. Don't worry, You can still post it, but when the queue is open.

If necessary, Please choose your Modder. Remember to see how many the beatmap already for the modder. if you don't know what to choose , just post your link beatmap and "I haven't read the rules"

Sorennnnjaa~ Lets staart!! GO!!

Oops.. Note that this is still CLOSED.. I need the other modder to confirm that this already fix

All modders lead the Queue xD
Athena Tennos
/.\waiting open/.\
Teru I have a yaoi map for you~

Extra Rules

of course applied if your map were modded by me
  1. Please notice that I'm still newbie in this kind of modding
  2. You may can post your friend's map, perhaps I only mod your GD there :s
  3. If your map were modded by me and please try to reply it so I know which mod that you accept and deny also the reason so I can improve my modding skill and experience :)
  4. No need to force give kudosu to my mod if it wasn't helpful
  5. I said I'll try to accept any kind of music but if it possible please don't anime song & BL song... (if it were like YUI, Yousei Teikoku or any famous artist it's okay)
  6. There's always a chance I'll shot a star to your map /o/
  7. If you think your map is quite good and already recieve much mods please don't expect too much from me =w=
  8. I'm a typical person who just ignore people that aren't read the (standard, at least) rules :v
  9. Sorry if sometimes I had bad grammar since my English is limited

I also had random mood of modding so sorry once again =w=

Extra Slot for M4M

  1. Superman Is Dead - Kuat Kita Bersinar

M4M is always open, just post here with your map whenever the queue is closed/open but you should do mod first

I had a lot of assignment and daily test recently... will mod less often
go go you all :3
kalo udah buka pm ya :b
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@Konei : WHAT THE?! Where is it...?! y-your pp..... = o =
@Mato : I still don't know what reserve means..

Sorry All.. I don't know where Xierra is.. Still waiting for her to show up...

Teru21 wrote:

@Konei : WHAT THE?! Where is it...?! y-your pp..... = o =
@Mato : I still don't know what reserve means..

Sorry All.. I don't know where Xierra is.. Still waiting for her to show up...
Chotto Matte! I'm here! And I'm not a girl :lol:
Phew, I'm so late. But whatever lulz. :|
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WHAT?! You Aren't?! I mistake all people as a girl lol...
Thank you~ 0.0
seems open

mod thanks :) (maybe Xierra will love this song)

I Haven't Read the Rules :(

And here is my yaoi map :)

I haven't read the rules

And I don't care who mods my map :)

Thank you~
aku ga baca rule nya lol
I haven't read the rules
I haven't read the rules
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First request dont count..
comeon.. 2 more xD
Heyho I haven't the rules :3

6# Map I assume?

Red Cucumber - The Kappa Way as Said ~ One Way Accelerator


Alright, here's some additional rules:
  1. I'm a newbie modder so don't expect much from me.
  2. You don't need to force kudosu if my mod is not helpful
  3. If you don't give me kudos, tell me the reason why trough your post, it's helpful to my experience!
  4. Maps with lesser SP gets more attention from me.
  5. I'm not as quick as the other two, since I need to sleep lulz.
  6. I don't have kudos yet, so no stars from me, for now.
Btw, Teru, why didn't you tell me on the queue that I'm a newbie modder? :o

Xierra's maps to mod:
Topic Starter
Woh.. Gomen Xierra.. I'll edit xD (but imo you r not that newbie) ;D


I take Koney's & Moway's request. The rest of the requests will be modded by Mato.
ada M4M ?

JT123 wrote:

ada M4M ?
I'll post extra slot for M4M but yeah not for now just wait for it

Edit: my part was done
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