PSYQUI - Hype feat. Such (lapix Remix) [CatchTheBeat]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 3:42:41 PM

Artist: PSYQUI
Title: Hype feat. Such (lapix Remix)
Tags: c94 critical megarex mrx-027 dnb drum and bass electronic wub sanyi sanyi4life ajamez jemzuu mbomb -_magic_bomb_- zirox sorcerer tomthewizard ster chara osu_gangster -plus- bunnrei jbh jbhyperion alienflybot afb rocma _asriel no492_shaymin spectator spec -luminate lumi bennybananas benny- benita -tochi ft clsw minato_yukina daiz_ix
BPM: 175
Filesize: 35155kb
Play Time: 04:43
Difficulties Available:
  1. Ascembomb's Platter (3.26 stars, 875 notes)
  2. Ascenbot's Overdose (6.52 stars, 1536 notes)
  3. Ascendance & Spec's Dreamland (6.9 stars, 1386 notes)
  4. Benita's Rain (4.65 stars, 1082 notes)
  5. Crystal's Ethereal (6.8 stars, 1488 notes)
  6. Hyperion's Rain (5.24 stars, 1301 notes)
  7. Jemzuu's Salad (2.29 stars, 584 notes)
  8. Rocma's Overdose (6.46 stars, 1545 notes)
  9. Sanyi's Cup (1.73 stars, 461 notes)
  10. Sorcerer & Rei's Rain (5.02 stars, 1262 notes)
  11. ZiRoX's Platter (3.29 stars, 873 notes)

Download: PSYQUI - Hype feat. Such (lapix Remix)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
「終わらない フューチャーサウンドをーーー

ミュージク僕らずっとSO HYPE!」

100th Ranked Beatmap!
222nd submitted beatmap, 1,591 days since my first submitted osu!catch map!
Nominated by wonjae and Daletto!
Dreamland: Done by Ascendance & Spectator
Ethereal: Done by Minato Yukina
Overdose: Done by Ascendance & alienflybot
Overdose: Done by Rocma
Rain: Done by JBHyperion
Rain: Done by Sorcerer & Bunnrei
Rain: Done by Benita
Platter: Done by ZiRoX
Platter: Done by Ascendance & MBomb
Salad: Done by Jemzuu
Cup: Done by Sanyi
🎶 Hitsounds: Done by -Luminate
Banner: Done by ScubDomino
Storyboard: Done by -Tochi
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