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A Mappool Generator for Tournament Livestreams

Just like the title says, It's a web program to generate a mappool card template that uses the same design as osulive. I've written a small manual on how to use the program which you can read right here. I will update the manual accordingly from time to time.

To use the generator, you just have to go to the page, and then you can start using it right away. Try it here.

I've also made a little demo video on how it will like look when you use it. I've posted it on the osu subreddit and also on my twitter as well.

If you guys have any suggestion, please do tell in this forum post, it will help to improve the program much faster and if you guys found some issue with the program, I prefer you guys to post it on the github repository issues page instead.

If you like the program, please also do consider to share it and giving it a star on the github repository!

You can direct message via these contacts or pm me on osu web or in-game:
  1. Discord : Rayhan Hakim#7124
  2. Twitter : @M_RayhanH
This is pretty useful not gonna lie
awesome thx for making this
This looks great
I was here but this is actually really good
This is extremely useful for those who want things on the go, thanks a lot!
hey nice
Thanks a lot owo

Gotta use this for any tourney stream that I do
I hope you add a feature where you can see the map's link
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Ramsa wrote:

I hope you add a feature where you can see the map's link

I might, If you can give me a compelling reason on why should we add that feature and maybe a rough sketch of the implementation if you can :)
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