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The :thonking: Newbie mania Tournament (TNMT) is a one-on-one osu!mania 4K tournament hosted by the CJB and TMT Team.

Tournament Schedule

Registration Phase: 2019-07-13/2019-08-03
Qualifiers Showcase: 2019-8-10
Qualifiers: 2019-08-17/2019-08-18
Live Drawings: 2019-08-18
Group Stage: 2019-08-24/2019-08-25
Round of 16: 2019-08-31/2019-09-01
Quarterfinals: 2019-09-07/2019-09-08
Semifinals: 2019-09-14/2019-09-15
Finals - Week 1: 2019-09-21/2019-09-22
Finals - Week 2: 2019-09-28/2019-09-29



All prizes are sponsored by hans1999.

First place: 3 months of osu!supporter tag, unique profile badge
Second place: 2 months of osu!supporter tag
Third place: 1 months of osu!supporter tag




To register please fill this form and join the Discord server

- The following conditions should be satisfied to register in the Tournaments.
  1. Rank of osu!mania not above #4000, and the highest historical rank lower than #3000.
  2. Have a good standing in osu!community and other tournaments in recent years.

-The list of participants will be submited to the osu! Tournament Team. Players who don't meet the requirements will be removed from participants.
- Staff (except commentators and streamers) are not allowed to sign up.
- After osu! Tournament Team's review, players that passed the review will receive a message on osu!.


General Rules

CJB & TMT Team has the ultimate power of interpretation.

- Notice: Any and all whom we deem as a "cheater" or "suspicious", screened by both the tourney and the official osu! staff, will be removed from tournament immediately.

All the mappools are in FreeMod. If player want to enable DT, NC or HT, the opponent must agree with it and inform the referee. All mappools except Qualifiers have a Tiebreaker.

- Qualifiers: 32 leading players in descending order by total score will advance to Group Stage. 4 maps in pool.
- Group Stage: 32 or less players will be divide into groups and play in single round-robin. The best 2 players of each group will advance to Round of 16. 9+1 maps in pool, BO7.
- Round of 16 and further: double-elimination
- Round of 16: 11+1 maps in pool, BO9.
- Quarterfinals: 11+1 maps in pool, BO9.
- Semifinals: 13+1 maps in pool, BO11.
- Finals - Week 1: 13+1 maps in pool, BO11.
- Finals - Week 2: 15+1 maps in pool, BO13.


Match Procedure

Elimination Stage

1. Warm-up
  1. Referee will give host to a random player, he can select any downloadable **osu!mania 4K** map. If the map is longer than 4 minutes, player should have agreement with his opponent and inform the referee. Then exchange host, play the second warm-up map.

2. Roll & Ban
  1. After warm-up, send `!roll` to `#multiplayer` channel for rolling points. The loser of rolling points can ban a map first, then the winner. If the roll is a draw, the players roll again.
  2. There is one ban per player

3. Pick & Play
  1. The winner of roll will pick the first map, then exchange host every round.
  2. The interval between rounds shall **not be longer than 3 minutes**. Referee has right to force-start the round in 15 seconds after that.
  3. If draw, this round will be treated as invalid and the map will be marked as un-picked. Exchange the picker and play other map.

4. Tiebreaker
  1. If both players reach the match point, the Tiebreaker will be used in this round.

5. Pause
  1. If player has some unexpected things to do and need a pause, inform the referee and set a timer.
  2. Pause can't be longer than 5 minutes.


- The Team will release a schedule of Qualifiers, players can select which lobbies to play in. However,
only 6 players are allowed in each lobby. First come, first served.
- Room settings will be Head To Head, Score V2.
- Referee will select map as the order of pool and each map will be played twice. The highest score will be recorded. Only 1 minute between each play.

Group Stage

- Group Stage will play in single round-robin. The best 2 players of each group will advance to Round of 16. It arranged from highest priority to lowest:
  1. More matches win.
  2. Higher `Number of rounds won - numbers of round lost`.
  3. Less round losses


- If the disconnection happened 30 seconds after the map started
  • The disconnected player immediatly informs the referee so the map can be replayed
    Only 2 chances to replay.

- If disconnect happened after 30 seconds passed from map start
  • If the player finishes the map, he should upload the score screenshot through `Shift`+`F12` and give the link to referee.
    If the disconnected player cannot screenshot his score, his opponent will win the point


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I'm excited!! Yeeee

I am proud to serve my country. GO USA!!!!!!!!!
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