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[Dicography] Putin-P Series.

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This is a beatmap project about the VOCALOID song series produced by Numtack05 and mostly illustrated by Shiuka.

Recommended reading for information about the series: PutinP Wiki

The PutinP series is a series of Vocaloid songs released from 2008 to 2012. It includes 35 songs in the main series, as well as a number of bonus songs. The story of the series features Vocaloids living in the modern day. It initially begins as a sequence of silly events and meme references, but develops a deeper plot line involving reincarnation, conspiracy, and romance as the series goes on.

Playlist of songs in the main series with English subtitles.

Please be sure to check out the wiki and playlist if you want to learn more about the series!

Several songs have notably different versions, such as "Together" from part 1, or "Ansatsusha!" from part 3. Most album songs have remastered mixing, so only remixes or length differences will be mentioned below.

Ranked / Unranked / Other Graveyarded Maps

Part 1

  1. Oshimai da ze! (Taiko mapped by ThePuccaPl)
    - A 5 second longer version is available on piapro (Mapped by Arphimigon)
  2. Hitori ni Shinaide.
  3. Issho ni ne!
    - The album version is extended and arranged differently.
  4. Yume o Miyou yo. (WIP by Noffy)
  5. Choco Ageru! (Short)
    Choco Ageru! (Full)
    - Besides length, the versions have differing instrumentals.
  6. Sakura no Shita de☆
  7. Shiawase na no!
    - This is the full version, short is mostly the same besides length.
  8. Onawa o Choudai!
  9. Hajimari da ne!
    - The album version is extended (Mapped by Noffy)


Bonus Songs

  • Part 1 CD
  1. Senobi no Shurui.
  2. Ooki na Hane de! (WIP by Regraz and Noffy)
    Part 2 CD
  3. Hidamari!
  4. Tabetai Desho?
  5. Mienai Kokoro.
    Part 2.5 Album
  6. Hitsuji ga Ippiki!
  7. Ikari (Mapped by Noffy and Regraz)
  8. Furuu no Kaori
  9. Mune ga Takanaru no♥
  10. Karupii! (kalP!)
  11. Nejireta Koutei○
  12. Bonus Track
    Yukkiina! Album
  13. Ansatsusha! 2010 Fuyu (Mapped by Noffy and eiri-)
  14. Yukkiina!
  15. Hoshi no Gomikuzu
    Not in specific parts or albums, these songs were uploaded to piapro, youtube, nicovideo.
  16. Mondou Muyou!
  17. Osoroshia☆
  18. Russian Last Emperor!
  19. Mukuchi na hito.
  20. The endless Survivor!

Making this thread as part of restarting efforts to do as many songs from the series as possible and to link when asking others!
Thanks for reading!!!
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To give players some input on this project, each round I will host a poll where people can vote for choose which songs get mapped next in the current part of the series.

Round 1 - Round 1's poll took place for two weeks after the qualification of Hajimari da ne!.

Thank you to everyone who voted! You can see the poll results here:
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