osu!idol 2019 - RESULTS ARE LIVE!

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Kyonko Hizara

Congrats to our finalists for osu!idol 2019!

Congratulations to this year’s osu!idol - iamALieee! Their performance of White First Love earned them 1283 votes and first place!

In second is aceredshirt13 with their performance of Setting Sail, Coming Home, which received 290 votes!

Coming up on a very close third is moof receiving 204 votes with their performance of Jitter Doll!

Welcome to 2019 osu!idol!

Join the discord now to receive announcements and updates, ask questions, and talk with the rest of the community!

Rules and Regulations

Rules have been updated since last year! Please refresh yourself with the rules before uploading.

  1. 1. You must have a registered account for at least 3 months prior to the start date to be able to participate.
    1. Any accounts created close to the account registration cut-off (March 1st, 2019) can be subject to additional activity checks.
  2. 2. Do not cut, edit, modify your recordings in any way, or add any effects
    1. If you are recording in an echo environment, please notify a host upon submission through discord DM.
  3. 3. All round will be acapella, which means no background music is allowed to be added. Only finals are permitted to use instrumentals
  4. 4. No excessively obscene lyrics
  5. 5. SoundCloud or are what we recommend for submitting entries
    1. Make sure your vocals are clear and audible before submitting
    2. Do not change your SoundCloud username once your entry is submitted, the link will become invalid otherwise
    3. If SoundCloud removes your upload, please notify a host for resubmission
    4. If you are unable to use these services, please provide your entry in a common audio file format (avoid using WAV)
  6. 6. Duets will be counted as one contestant, add both usernames to the submission form
    In addition, duets are not permitted to dual layer vocals. Entries as such can only add a single layer for each contestant.


  1. Auditions/Registration - contestants who receive an average score or higher will proceed to the elimination stages!
  2. Elimination - there will be 3 stages that consist of different genres. Stage themes will be announced when the previous stage has ended
  3. Finals - the top 3 will sing a song of their choice, and can include mixing and editing. The community will decide the winner by voting for their favourite!


What do I get?
  1. 1st will receive an osu!idol 2019 Winner profile badge + 6 month supporter tag!
  2. 2nd will be awarded 3 months of supporter!
  3. 3rd will be awarded 2 months of supporter!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Whats the deadline for auditions?
    A: We'll be gathering entries until August 1st!

    Q: How long should my entry be?
    A: For Auditions entries should be between 0:30~1:30. As for Stages length should be 1:30~2:00 maximum. (all entries should be acapella only, meaning no instrumentals).

    Q: Can I put an instrumental on my recording?
    A: No. Refer to rule 3.

    Q: Is my song selection only limited to what is on osu!?
    A: Of course not! You can sing anything as long as it fits the stage's requirements.

    Q: So I can't use effects, what about Noise Reduction/Cancellation?
    A: The use of noise reduction/cancellation/balancing is not allowed.

    Q: Can duets layer the vocals of both contestants together?
    A: Duets are not allowed to layer their vocals. Only a single layer is allowed for each contestant.

    Q: Can I submit another entry if I don't like my previous one?
    A: No. Once you think you did your best, then submit.

    Q: Can I get an extension?
    A: No. Submissions will not be taken after the deadline for any circumstances

    Q: I have a friend that can sing but isn't registered on osu!? Can he/she join?
    A: No. Refer to rule 1.

    Q: I am not part of this community, can I register to participate?
    A: No. Refer to rule 1.

    Q: My account / my friend's account is restricted, can I / they join?
    A: No.

    Q: Why must I have a pre-existing account to participate?
    A: To ensure winners aren't people who just come here for the contest and then disappear

osu!idol team

Someone has to run this thing
  1. Kyonko Hizara
  2. Thievley

They evaluate and score your performances
  1. Thievley
  2. Garven
  3. CptHampton
  4. Renril
  5. HeatKai
  6. Will Stetson
Oh yeah I'm ready.
pizza time
I'm not rEaDy
prepare for voice cracks
Bay Side
ah shit, here we go again
Ahhh chansons !! Oui !!!
can we rap
I am confusing ><" becoz I am so panic XD

Nifty wrote:

can we rap
Go for it, but you wont get past auditions.
pog am ready to become will stetson

Milkyy wrote:

pog am ready to become will stetson
But is he ready for that?
Can we do epic whistle solos at the instrumental parts.

B1rd wrote:

Can we do epic whistle solos at the instrumental parts.
Do what ye want just no track mixing.
I m so there ^_^
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Kyonko Hizara
Sorry for the wait... AUDITION RESULTS ARE NOW LIVE!

To pass to Stage 1, you must receive an average score of 30 or higher. Make sure to hover the score of each judge to look at notes!

The doc will stay up a couple extra days to assure everyone gets to see results. Stage 1 will be announced on August 23rd!

Living judging can now be viewed here

Auditions are now closed, thank you to everyone who was able to submit this year! We will now commence with judging, please keep in mind that there are a lot of entries but we will get them done asap.

Be patient, the results will be public when judging is done!
Hey everyone! I made some data dashboards in Power BI for you to peruse, based on the audition scores, mostly because I'm a nerd with too much time on my hands. I'm still honing my skills so sorry that they're kind of scuffed.

Disclaimer: In auditions, the point is not your rank. The point is to score 5 and pass. So in that respect, do not take too much weight to ranks like I've put in this report. Don't think about what rank a judge gave you because they were not thinking about what rank to give you, they were thinking about what score to give you. If there is a weakness of how I constructed this report, it is that. Still, I think it is fun to see your rank and how you're doing, which is why I included it.

*When I say positive and negative, I mean more or less than the average score. This is likely due to each judge's personal internal grading scale and does not actually mean they are nicer or meaner.

Interesting observations:
- There is a pretty linear cascade of scores. There is no clear echelon of anyone jumping up high or anyone falling low (except maybe the lowest failing scorers).
- Renril is the most positive judge. They only didn't pass 9 submissions. Their scoring methods probably bring up total averages--the averages make Will and Thievley look like negative judges but they are probably on track to be pretty neutral if Renril's positives were taken out of the average.
- Garven is the most polarizing judge. Gave the most polarizing scores out of anybody, whether much more positive than everyone else or much more negative than everyone else.
- CptHampton generally scores more negatively than the resulting total score.
- HeatKai is more reluctant to be overly positive and more reluctant to be overly negative than the rest of the judges.
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Kyonko Hizara

Stage 1 - ROCK will now being!

Deadline is August 30th, 23:59:59 UTC

You know where to find the submission form, and please remember that you can only submit for this stage if you passed auditions.

Here is a screenshot of the results in case you missed them, the sheet will be hidden once more until judging for the stage concludes.
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