[std/closed] summer is over queue (hype request)

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open since i'm bored recently

see last post

nm rules:
  1. all kind of maps are accepted. i will try my best to check all valid requests.
  2. incomplete mapset is ok but they must be 100% completed.
  3. length <= 3 minutes, star rate <= 7 stars.
  4. after i mod, you can pm me if you have any further problem.
  5. i don't mod hitsounds.
  6. if you are a new mapper, i might be not able to help you much for pattern design since i'm also not good at it. if you still request i would check it as my best.

m4m rules:
  1. all NM rules apply.
  2. i will mod first. but if you mod first and your map meets my prior lists, you get a ticket and i will check your map as soon as possible. (4 tickets at most)
    prior list
    1. length <= 1:40. or short version songs from any rhythm games.
    2. not mainly 1-2 jumps or random jumps.
  3. please check existed notes and pending problems.
  4. mod easy/normal/hard first if you like.
  5. if you request m4m you may also request a hype from me after your mod is done.

hype for hype (closed):
  1. only mapsets with < 5 hypes are accepted.
  2. i hype first. i will also do mod before giving hype.
  3. the map must be for rank so make sure the spread of mapset is rankable.

hype request: (always open if i have hypes)
  1. for m4m, you can request a hype after your mod is done. (this is prior)
  2. free hype request is opened with the following rules:
    1. the map should have at least 3 hypes but less than 5. (i would save hypes for those needed.)
    2. nm rules fulfilled. if not you can also try, i'll hype what i like.
    3. the map must be for rank so make sure the spread of mapset is rankable.
    4. i'll mod the map first.

add a spoiler box to your post and share favorite maps in it to show you have read the rules.
i'll give your request priority if doing so.
(i would appreciate it since i need some good maps xd)

something you may want to read so i can help you better
  1. i feel like anything can be ranked nowadays. so when i mod i prefer not to do with map flow (like arrangement of jumps or slider shape) but deal with major problems (like wrongly snapped objects or things that do not follow the song). you can check my modding history for how i do modding.
  2. however, if i think there's a better way, i will give suggestions. ofc you may choose if you want to take it.
  3. i like maps that have strong style. for those maps i can do more things like checking if the map is consistent with the style. for mod requests you can specify what style of map you want to make so i can follow it when modding.
  4. 1-2 jumps and random jumps are usually style-less. so i cannot be sure if i mod them well. however i like those jumps that are geometric or with structure.
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still open. give me something to do in the summer
- ascended -
here is my map to burn thanks\

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still open
Nerova Riuz GX
NM request

thanks in advance
Hi! Can you mod my map Circus-P - Lie? I'll be glad if you will do so. I prefer NM, but i can do M4M.
Chompy H4H

Will appreciate your feedback owo
NM request
Hope you enjoy anime
M4M Req

有機會能加個好友嗎,想要認識點mapper :D, btw mod it in english is fine.

Obligatory ty
Did not notice this one at first
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close nm for now, m4m and h4h still open

i might deal with those h4h requests first now deal with m4m first

have checked: GaiMocCu, Akareh, - ascended -, JayBone, Nerova Riuz GX, Lamontagne23, iPhong, Hari, Chompy, Sqlslammer_LV, W M,

HONEST TEA ! -autistic japanese screeching -
hype too if you like it lol
uwu hi
M4M I guess.

I uwu round like that

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