2019 osu!catch QQ Star Cup [CTB/Catch the Beat][REG CLOSED]

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Brief Introduction

osu!catch QQ Star Cup (ocqs for short) is a tournament held by Yumeno Himiko. Different from other tournaments, ocqs is an entertainment tournament, we encourage new catch players participate in our tournament. Information about ocqs 2018 can be found here.

Match Rules

1. This tournament adopts 3v3 Team Vs. Gamemode is osu!catch.
2. Winning condition is ScoreV2.
3. Mappools for every round will be released one week before the round starts. In every round, it's only allowed to pick maps in the corresponding mappool.
4. For DTB, the team with lower score wins. For other modes, higher.
5. This tournament will consist of 16 teams, and 5 rounds: Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals and Grand Finals. Group Stage will be Best-of-7. Quarterfinals and Semifinals will be Best-of-9. Finals and Grand Finals will be Best-of-11.
6. When a draw occurs, the game will be nullified.
7. Captains of both teams should be present 15 minutes before the match. If one team fails to gather 3 players 10 minutes after the scheduled time, it counts as a forfeit.
8. One team can request a rematch if a disconnection happens within 30 seconds after the game starts.
9. Switching players during the match is allowed.
10. One warm-up map from both teams is allowed before the match starts.
11. Captains roll before the match starts, to determine the ban/pick order.
12. The team that rolled lower bans first, and the team that rolled higher picks first.
13. One ban from each team is allowed.
14. (NEW!) If a reschedule is wanted, the team leader should contact the staff 3 days (72hrs) ahead the match time. Both teams should agree to the resheduled before Wednesday at 23:59 UTC+0 in that particular week when your match takes place. The final decision will be made by the staff team.
15. (NEW!) The staff have the final interpretation to any unforeseen circumstances. Please contact the staff if you have any questions.

Registration Rules

1. Participants should meet the following requirement: having ranked higher than #10000 in osu!catch mode, OR having ranked higher than #2000 in other modes.
2. Participants should register as a team, with 3-6 players.
Please adopt the following pattern for registration:

Team Name
1. Captain Timezone
2. Player 2 Timezone
3. Player 3 Timezone
4. Player 4 Timezone
5. Player 5 Timezone
6. Player 6 Timezone


My Angel Emilia
1. Emilia UTC+0800
2. Ram UTC+0300
3. Rem UTC-0500
4. Subaru UTC-0900

*Please follow the format of UTC+xxxx for the timezone. It's used for match arrangements.
3. No cheating, account-sharing or multi-accounting.
4. 16 teams maximum. If the number of registered teams exceeds 16, the organizer has the right to disqualify or regroup certain teams.

Mappool Settings

1. This tournament, unlike regular tournaments and intended for entertainment, adopts DTB (Dodge the Beat) mode. As for regular maps, we may pick Aspire maps or maps that don't meet Ranking Criteria.
2. The same mappool will be used for Finals and Grandfinals.
3. Mode instruction
DTB: Dodge the Beat. For this mode, players need to get lower score to win the game. (NoFail is required for this mode.)
Mixing: For this mode, the 3 players from each team are required to play with NoMod, Hidden and Hardrock, respectively.
Regular: Normal mode, though Easy and Flashlight are included in the mappool.
Tiebreaker: When a tie happens, tiebreaker will be played. The tiebreaker map will be over 5 minutes and must be played with NoMod.
4. Each mappool consists of 14 maps.
DTB: 4 maps
Mixing: 3 maps
Regular: 6 maps, 1 map for: NoMod/Hidden/HardRock/DoubleTime/FlashLight/Easy.
Tiebreaker: 1 map.

Tournament Schedule

Registration Phase: 2019/6/19 0:00 UTC ~ 2019/8/4 23:59 UTC
Group Stage: 8/17~8/25 (2 weeks)
Quarterfinals: 8/31~9/1
Semifinals: 9/7~9/8
Finals: 9/14~9/15
Grand Finals: 9/21~9/22


1st: 3 months of supporter for each member + 1 box of QQ star (flavoured milk drink) (Players from China mainland only) + Badge
2nd: 2 months of supporter for each member
3rd: 1 month of supporter for each member

Additionally, we will randomly pick 2 players from China mainland and gift each of them 1 box of QQ star.
*If the team of 1st place is not from China mainland, we'll replace the QQ star with supporter/steam games e.t.c.



  1. Tautologiczne rozwiązywanie równań rekurencyjnych algorytmów klasy Θ(n logn): SkyleiaDeamonEvil AkumaYoung_ZarloGZMniamJumper-
  2. we dont know each other but we join for dollars: KWYJIBOLeWindL3gEnDaRy97Dika312Itsj0elchickennando
  3. IF YoU wIN uS YOu ArE GaYYyYyYyyYY Σ( > д < lll): - Asterisk --Story-KagarimurutattackTime SeriesXisK
  4. South Korea Taiwan (SKT): SanamiBerea[-naniwa-]DoDoEbiTaiwan473147315371
  5. (´・ω・`)?: DepthsrostldKisetsunotorivivi desuEmily YukariCyanus
  6. Warmup for OWC: FlaskRizerGfMRT_ShieldDazzLE_WindShiina Noriko
  7. 勞資打不動HD 2.0: Psc_IceRainAtsuko-KagariMegpoid2zowMy Angel AyachiSchierkeel
  8. 罗德岛: DuskCrystalSakurano KurimuKagamineRin02KitakamiMajiyabakune
  9. its not cwc team v3: Touch MeCallionet- N a g i -Motion[224]Hyperw7ZHSteven
  10. 學長有車嗎: Alexlin7madao-shinfiremarkY u w a nseanhappy8520
  11. _: Gln_MarkusSaayanoob desuKen DollExtinction666woodpamp
  12. 菜雞們想打比賽: Donbat001John6023SagiriNichiqq11123334Love LolitaTimewasdeapsea
  13. Nayuta's FanGirls: AcoolerHanikTaishi-S a y u nBeyondAreaItzUnnamed
  14. fat boing boing monkey: WesleyHolloh-Kenbaron9876l3ssiliKarym
  15. 话说我们报名了吗: Nana TsubasadazzulayExSPerrolf0504Shiina MinatsuWilben_Chan
  16. Tabaluga i jego Potężni Przyjaciele: JakkubonLaviSorrowVertiKosmitPjetra88-Boltic-


Team Name: we dont know each other but we join for dollars

Captain: KWYJIBO UTC+10
Player 2: LeWind UTC+7
Player 3: L3gEnDaRy97 UTC+2
Player 4: Dika312 UTC+7
Player 5: Itsj0el UTC+1
Player 6: Chickennando UTC+10
I'm looking for a team :^)
Due to one player unfortunately not being able to play, I'm resubmitting the team, changing Sypro2000 to Jumper-
With that in mind, the new updated roster of my team is as follows:

Tautologiczne rozwiązywanie równań rekurencyjnych algorytmów klasy Θ(n logn)
1. Skyleia UTC+0200
2. Deamon UTC+0200
3. Evil Akuma UTC+0200
4. Young_ZarloGZ UTC+0200
5. Mniam UTC+0200
6. Jumper- UTC+0200
Topic Starter
Yumeno Himiko
Teams updated!
Team Name : IF YoU wIN uS YOu ArE GaYYyYyYyyYY Σ( > д < lll)

Captain : - Asterisk - UTC+8
Player 2 : -Story- UTC-3
Player 3 : Kagari UTC+8
Player 4 : murutattack UTC+8
Player 5 : Time Series UTC+8
Player 6 : XisK UTC-4
DM me
Team Name: South Korea Taiwan (SKT)
Captain: 1. Sanami UTC+8
2. Berea UTC+9
3. [-naniwa-] UTC+8
4. DoDoEbi UTC+8
5. Taiwan UTC+8
6. 473147315371 UTC+8
im looking for team here >w<)
looking for a team.
Team Name: (´・ω・`)?

Captain: Depths UTC-5
rostld UTC-4
Kisetsunotori UTC-5
vivi desu UTC+8
Emily Yukari UTC+7
Cyanus UTC+8
Team Name: Warmup for OWC

Captain: Flask UTC+8
Rizer UTC+8
_Shield UTC+8
DazzLE_Wind UTC+8
Shiina Noriko UTC+8
Topic Starter
Yumeno Himiko
updated two teams from the Chinese thread
looking for team :d
Looking for team \o/
Captain: Gln_Markus UTC+2
Saaya UTC+7
noob desu UTC+9
Ken Doll UTC-7
Extinction666 UTC+7
woodpamp UTC+2

as for the teamname we haven't decided yet.
looking for a team.
Team Name: Nayuta's FanGirls
Captain: Acooler UTC -3
1. Hanik UTC -3
2. Taishi- UTC -3
3. S a y u n UTC -3
4. BeyondArea UTC -3
5. ItzUnnamed UTC -3
looking for a team im decent in hd, ez and dtb
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