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While PP is quite stable, I am taking into consideration people's opinions on specific cases where it can be improved. This thread will be used if/when I make changes to the calculations, to make sure people are aware of the changes (and why they were made). I will also try to make the calculation as transparent as possible as we move forward.

Today I am considering the first change, which is to give Full Combos (Perfect) a larger bonus. I also hope to include more than the top 500 scores as I further optimise the calculation and make it realtime.

  1. Time of update on Performance Ranking now shows when processing was completed, not started. Processing can take up to 15 minutes depending on time of day.
  2. Increased FC (Perfect) bonus by 9%
Added a listing of top contributing scores to "Top Ranks" section of profiles. Keep in mind that only the top 20 are listed, and order is quite arbitrary in this area, as weighting doesn't kick in this early on. Keep in mind that old scores may not appear on here due to decay. Keep in mind that your personal "this is my best play" may not be at the top, and may not appear in the top list if you have a lot of high ranks. This does not mean it isn't giving you pp.

Keep in mind this now means that if you think someone has unfairly high pp, you can beat their records visible on their profile and take some of that away from them.

Still working on optimising the whole process so I can provide more stats like this. Stay tuned~
Changed performance-based accuracy to include a much larger sample of top scores. You will likely see this change over the next 48 hours as updates propagate. It should give a more accurate number of a player's accuracy.
Fixed a bug that I introduced a while back when caching per-map weightings. Get prepared for a bit of a bumpy ride as I also plan on changing some more weighting elements based on user feedback. In other good news, pp can be calculated fast enough that it can be run in realtime now; just need to finish the logistics of that.

Can I please take a moment to urge everyone to ignore changes to their pp, instead focusing on changes to their performance *rank*. pp changes mean nothing if they affect everyone, which they do if you see a sudden drop/increase.

I plan on making a fallback pp calculation for people with less top-500 records. I don't plan on increasing the number past 500 (because it begins to get both intensive to calculate, and less meaningful with the current algorithm) but do plan on allowing people without such records to still improve their pp to visible levels. This will likely work based on your ranks achieved (and possible ranked score).
Currently trialling real-time pp updates. This means that when you pass a song, your pp will be recalculated to include your new record. Keep in mind these updates are only applied to increases, and will not apply decay/drops from other people beating your scores. Decay and other recalculations will now occur once a day, at a possibly random time. Once things are working smoothly, updates to the pp history graph will only be done once a day, in sync with these cycles.

Therefore, in the period of a day, your pp may bump up and down a bit, if you are actively playing. This is normal and expected behaviour.

More to come!
I'm testing out some balance changes based on the general feedback I've been seeing over the past week. Keep in mind nothing is final, and I'm still trying to work together with you guys to make this is fair and transparent a ranking system as possible.

* SS ranks now give a slightly higher bonus than just getting Full Combo / Perfect.
* Very highly contended (old maps) are not weighted as heavily as before.
* Profile PP history graphs will now update once a day, after the full calculation process runs.

Also a few minor fixes to realtime calculations.
Just an update that I have been working on other aspects recently, so no changes have been made. I do have a lot of changes pending, but need to fully test before making live.

pp updates are currently happening real-time, but per-song recalculations happen only once a day. For this reason, pp gained from newer maps will fluctuate when these calculations are run. The time they run is dependent on server load, so I can't make any assertions there.
I'm making gradual changes towards more sane variables, hopefully at a level most people won't notice. Just letting you know.

Also stop focussing on the "top 500" score thing. pp is currently considering the top 648 scores, and this number will be changing (mostly increasing?) over the coming months/years/decades.
I have been working towards changing the main display of pp to be your rank rather than raw pp. Raw pp doesn't make much sense, based on how frequently I am making changes, and how hard it is to attribute a pp change to your own actions (unless you make huge improvements). I have updated the profile graph to show this. I will likely be redesigning the in-game user panels to not display pp, but more fun and useful stats, as well.

pp also considers even more scores each day. I am working towards having it consider all scores, no matter what the rank.
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