Activation of Funspoiler outside of a song [duplicate]

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By default I usually play with 50% dimming on songs on my first try, but I have to go into the song and activate the funspoiler first. This usually calls for a restart of the song or instant failure. It'd be nice if there was a way to call up the funspoiler box of a song before even entering it.

Not only is this a slight annoyance for every new beatmap downloaded, but I believe it also adds to playcount even if the song isn't played, if I'm correct. Not too big of an issue at all really, but sometimes even a small implementation could be appreciated greatly by many.

Perhaps in the game options, have a section where one would set their default Funspoiler preferences? Or maybe in the song selection button, add an option for "Funspoiler settings" on a selected song.
t/89597 Requested and denied before.

Note: the thread refers to all fun spoiler settings to have a way to be toggled permanently while still needing to pass the map at least once, so it's a similar request to this.
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I just figured toggling setting only while INSIDE of a song to be inconvenient, but maybe that was the point.

Reading through that thread, colorblind mode would probably fix my issue. One of the main reasons I dim backgrounds is because too many maps use hitcircle colors that are too close to their background image so make them harder to focus on.

I've no problem with a maps presentation, even dealing with it once. I keep the skin and such on many maps completely in tact, I do just prefer more focus on hitcircles since light colors on a light background or dark colors on a dark background provide distractions.
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