Kpop Mapping Contest V2 - 2019

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Cerulean Veyron

Status: Results!

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Kpop Mapping Contest V2 is the second unofficial osu!standard mapping contest and my last experimental project of all. For this year's contest, each individual mapper will be picking one of the three K-pop song tracks and map it a whole rankable difficulty spread, with a new additional song track for a bonus prize! This contest will be open for everyone to participate until registrations are closed, so make sure you're in!


  1. Registering as Contestant will be permanent and cannot re-apply as any other position. And registering as Judge will place you as judge applicant to take on a test to evaluate general feedback and mapping/modding experience to see if the applicant fit for a spot as the contest's judge.
  2. Individuals who registered before the launch of the contest will receive a prize of two-months supporter for participation. The prize will not be dispensed if the member does not participate during the contest.
  3. The contest schedule and date of deadlines will be tight and can possibly be changeable at anytime under any circumstances to ensure fair process in the contest. Know that I do not hold any responsibility for any late submissions or registrations during the time period unless it is due reasons of the setup or misinterpretation.


  1. The top entry of the bonus track: Two years of osu!supporter for the mapper or a friend.
  2. The top entry for each standard song track: One year of osu!supporter for the mapper or a friend.
  3. The most estimable judge: Eight months of osu!supporter for the judge or a friend.
  4. Preregistered members: Two months of osu!supporter for the member or a friend. (Will only be rewarded if the member participates in the contest)

Note: The profile badges has not been confirmed yet. So keep in touch for the update on the prize soon!


  1. The contest game mode will be osu!standard only.
  2. You may submit your entry for only one song out of all four song tracks provided.
  3. The Code of Conduct, General Ranking Criteria, and osu!Standard Ranking Criteria are in effect throughout the contest.
  4. Do not submit your entry via BSS until the contest concluded.
  5. Collaborations are not allowed, and all difficulties must be mapped by no one other than you.
  6. Mappers are permitted to use custom hitsounds for their entry.
  7. Do not change the timing offset or the mp3 file provided by the contest.
  8. Submit your finished entry by uploading as a .osz file, and send a forum PM to the headmaster of the contest. Do not share your entry with other contestants or mappers.

Difficulty Spread:

  • Standard track:

  • Bonus track:
  1. * (*Advanced)

Contest Schedule

  • June 7, 2019 - Registrations for Contestant/Judge are open for 7 days.
    June 14, 2019 - Registrations closes, judge test preparations.
    June 17, 2019 - Judge test concluded, mapping phase preparations.
    June 18, 2019 - Contest mapping phase begins.
    July 16, 2019 - Mapping phase ends, judging phase panel preparations.
    July 20, 2019 - Judging phase begins.
    August 21, 2019 - Judging phase ends, calculations of result process.

Contest organized by Cerulean Veyron
With the help of no one.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the contest, don't hesitate to contact me anytime about it! I'll try my best to answer them all one at a time.
Seto Kousuke
hello there
it shouldnt be illegal to change the timing, if your timing is wrong (as contest sets often are) the mappers should be allowed to fix it
isnt this mapping contest illegal?
Let's go noobs! Let's show our might!
Let's Start Mapping!
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Cerulean Veyron

With all the time and effort has put into the test of this year's contest. Here are the results you've been long awaited for!

Second track: (G)-I-DLE - Senorita / (여자)아이들 - Senorita
  • Winning mapper: Seto Kousuke
    - Seto Kousuke's entry stood up high, taking the first place with a good amount of 51.5 points. He takes home the prize of one year supporter and splits (1,4,7) with two of his friends. A really sweet share for the two-times winner!

Third track: CLC - ME / 씨엘씨 - 美
  • Winning mapper: Flake
    - With a song that is as close to being wubby for a good mapset, Flake's entry makes it first with 45 points. Taking home their one year supporter prize, they split four months to their one friend. Another sweet share!

  • Winning mapper: Lilyanna
    - Of course we could not forget our Kpop mapping influencer in osu!, Lilyanna. Taking great stakes for a bigger prize, and shall receive with a score of total 50.5 impressed by judges. Lily takes home the biggest prize in the contest, two-years supporter, but exchanges it to 52$ for... "vbucks"?!

On note of that, the first standard track hasn't been mapped by any of the contestants throughout the contest. So the prize will not be kept due.

Judge scoring and comments

  1. Judging: White Tiger
  2. Judging: Green Iguana


Contest's Entries

Here it is, results you've been waiting for. But this is where I will call quits, not only the contest discontinues but I will be leaving the game for "good reasons", I hope to see someone else that is able to continue the contest in the future. I wish to stay but at this rate nowadays, I cannot. Why stay in a game when they don't give you what you want?

Thank you to all participants and judges for sticking in this year's contest!
Moved to Completed Projects.
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